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With summer finally here, you know what the means…sleeveless shirts, leggy shorts, bathing suits, and basically showing a little more skin.  Of course, that’s not without its risks.  After shaving (or even epilating) while half-asleep in the morning, you may find yourself staring at a few strays around the knee once you reach your desk, or worse yet, as you take your seat on the airplane next to a cute stranger. 😉  Or, maybe you’re like me and your underarm hairs grow like crazy, and even though you did a super thorough job yesterday, the stubble is back again and you’re sitting poolside hiding your pits.

So what next?  Do you make a special trip to the drugstore to buy a razor, or maybe try plucking them…one-by-one?  Fortunately, there’s one little gadget that won’t leave you resorting to these time-wasting, or worse – painful – endeavors. Enter the alleyoop all-in-one Razor (previously known as the ‘Sphynx Razor’).

alleyoop razor review, on the go travel razor

The Alleyoop All-in-One Razor

The alleyoop all-in-one Razor is a portable, palm-sized disc that contains all your shaving essentials, so you can shave shower-free and on-the-go.  Slip it into your car emergency bag, gym bag, purse, or even your travel bag while flying and shave anytime and anywhere – from your office chair to your airplane seat.  Best of all, because the razor is disposable, it’s TSA-approved and carry-on friendly (for both domestic and international travel)!

Inside the colorful little disc, you’ll find a refillable water spritzer, a moisturizing pre-shave bar, and single-blade razors. (Why single-blade? Because they accumulate less gunk and are much easier to clean than razors with multiple blades!).  Each step reveals itself as you rotate the center wheel, and there are little icons to help guide you where you need to go!

The alleyoop razor is also equipped with not one, but two razors, so you can move right onto the second as soon as you notice the first one going dull.  And when both need replaced (which is recommended every 2-3 months), there’s no need to buy another kit – for ~$8, you can grab a refill pack that includes 4 new razors along with a fresh pre-shave bar.

How to Use the Alleyoop All-in-One Razor

alleyoop razor review, on the go travel razor

Step 1: Wet Your Skin

While I have shaved dry before in emergencies, there’s no doubt that wet shaves lead to better, smoother results.  That’s because water helps softens the hairs and allows the razor to glide closer to your skin (which is especially helpful when dealing with stubble).  In our travels though, we may not always have access to a sink.

But that’s not a problem if you’ve got the alleyoop all-in-one razor.  It comes with a little water spritzer that you can fill up ahead of time, and pop in for those unexpected touch-ups.  Worried about leaks? Fear not – the plastic water spritzer seals tight (it hasn’t leaked for me yet!).

alleyoop razor review, on the go travel razor

Step 2: Apply the Pre-Shave Balm

The alleyoop all-in-one razor also comes with its own moisturizing pre-shave bar.   Simply swipe it a few times over where you just wet your skin.  It will form a light lather, providing enough glide to give you a smooth, nick-free shave.

The bar is vegan and cruelty-free, and they’ve designed it so that it won’t melt in high temperatures, like in your car or under the sun!

alleyoop razor review, on the go travel razor

Step 3: Nix the Fuzz

Now it’s time to get shaving.  Since the razors are single blade, you’re not necessarily going to get the fastest shave out there, but considering it’s for touch-ups, the design is clearly well-thought-out.  If you look closely, the blade has small ridges, which gently capture hairs for a swift removal, while the blade itself is set at the perfect angle for a close shave without nicks.

And while the outer casing may not resemble a typical razor, I actually found it to be quite ergonomic – it provides plenty of control while maneuvering around the knees, ankles, and pits.

alleyoop razor review, on the go travel razor


Ok, so now that the legs and underarms looking fresh and snazzy, it’s time for a quick and easy clean-up: first, wipe away or massage in any leftover balm (the pre-shave bar doubles as an after-shave moisturizer!).  Then, use a paper towel to wipe the razor and rinse with water as soon as you get the chance (I’ll typically wait until I arrive home or at my hotel).

And don’t worry about the inside of the compact getting dirty – it’s easy to twist open and rinse completely out if you need to.  Plus, it has tiny holes on each side so it can air out and dry while sitting on your vanity or bathroom counter.

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Overall, between its ultra-portable, lightweight design and 3-in-1 capabilities, the alleyoop portable razor has become a staple in my travel bag.  From my experience, it’s a lot easier and safer to carry around than a standard razor – the cap snaps on securely and you can turn the razors so that they’re hidden inside the compact.

I’ve also found the whole shaving process to be a lot less risky, less messy, and simply more efficient than using a basic razor.  (Yay to no more dry shaves, or having to run to the sink for water and use sticky bathroom soap!).  I can’t even begin to count how many times the alleyoop all-in-one razor would have saved me in the past – between rushing off to work, traveling, or even just running errands without a proper shave!

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