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the Fertilized Avian Egg Extract


I’ve been on this earth close to 3 decades now, and have managed to keep my skin in pretty good shape thus far, earning myself only a few fine lines around the eyes, and a slight loss in firmness. While I’ve come to accept this as a normal part of aging, I’m also fully ready and willing to integrate an extra skincare product into my daily routine to help slow down this process.  Non-invasive and preventative are my two favorite words when it comes to skincare at the moment, which brings me to my latest discovery – Lamiderm Apex by LifePharm.  Here’s a little bit around what makes it unique, along with my review and results.

LamiDerm APEX High Performance Bio-Serum review (1 of 3)

LamiDerm APEX High Performance Bio-Serum review

What Makes LifePharm’s Lamiderm Apex Unique?

Our skin is made up of protein fibers that, when strong and plentiful, help give our complexion a youthful look.  These fibers include collagen, elastin, and fibronectin, which together are responsible for maintaining firmness, elasticity, and structural repair.  But as we age, these all begin to weaken, causing our skin to become more prone to wrinkling and sagging.  Everyday environmental damage like pollutants, smoking, UV damage, poor diet, and stress only accelerates this process.

While most anti-aging skincare products only target one or two of these fibers, Lamiderm Apex works to stimulate the production of all three.  It prevents and repairs weak collagen, elastin, and fibronectin fibers, improving and revitalizing skin’s texture and appearance in as little as three days. The best part is, when used regularly, it reduces the need for expensive treatments or harsh chemicals in the long-term.

Along with its advanced anti-aging benefits, Lamiderm Apex is also formulated to:

  • Brighten skin through a blend of 7 Swiss alpine plants
  • Rehydrate skin through aloe vera juice, coconut oil
  • Protect skin from UVB rays
  • Protect skin from free radicals through Vitamin C and E

The Science Behind Lamiderm Apex Serum

The key ingredient in Lamiderm Apex is their proprietary fertilized avian egg extract (FAEE), which is the only known natural source of the LOX enzyme activator.  This molecule binds to our skin’s LOX enzymes and encourages them to build stronger bonds between collagen fibres, while boosting collagen and elastin production.  This translates into increased firmness and elasticity in our skin.  Another key component of the fertilized avian egg extract are a set of growth factors – ODGF and TGF-b – both of which play a role in collagen, elastin and fibronectin production.

Add this all up and the FAEE makes one powerful anti-aging ingredient, with results to match.  Here’s a snapshot of the studies carried out by the University of Toronto when they applied FAEE to human skin cell cultures:

Results after 3 days:

  • 200% improvement in elastin
  • 250% improvement in collagen
  • 350% increase in the production of fibronectin

Results after 12 weeks:

  • 15% increase in skin radiance
  • 54% reduction of dark spots

My Lamiderm Apex Review & Results

Lamiderm Apex comes in the form of a lightweight, fast-absorbing serum that’s perfect for both morning and nighttime wear.  Its unscented, non-greasy formula instantly melts into the skin, creating a super soft, smooth, and silky canvas with a matte finish.  The serum also provides a light dose of hydration that complements and enhances any morning/nighttime moisturizer.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been using this serum both in the morning and evening (after cleansing and while my skin is slightly damp, as they suggest.)  In just that short amount of time, my skin is already looking plumper and smoother, especially around the tops of my cheeks/under my eyes.  I’ve also noticed a slight improvement in the fine lines around my eyes.  Overall, between my results so far, and the ease of integrating this into my everyday skincare routine, I’m very much looking forward to continuing to use this and seeing the long-term results!

the Fertilized Avian Egg Extract

If you’re looking to start, or upgrade, your anti-aging skincare regime, this multi-tasking serum is definitely one to consider adding to your routine.  In addition to brightening and hydrating benefits, it provides powerful restorative and preventative care for your skin, while also helping to reduce the need for more invasive and expensive treatments in the long-term.

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