ClarityMD Acne Solution Review + Giveaway [Closed]

claritymd acne solution deep pore cleanser and serum

Acne for some of us can be a constant struggle. While many of us have had success with products containing benzoyl peroxide, others often find them to be too drying, especially when used on a daily basis.  For me personally, benzoyl peroxide works beautifully on those occasional problem areas, but I can’t go past 3-4 days without experiencing flaking and excessive dryness.  Luckily, ClarityMD introduced a benzoyl peroxide-free solution that’s supposedly gentle enough for everyday use, but also effective enough to clear pimples and prevent future ones.  It’s called the ClarityMD Acne Solution Kit.

What is the ClarityMD Acne Solution Kit?

The ClarityMD Acne Solution Kit is a simple, 2-step process that you use twice a day.  It includes the ClarityMD Deep Pore Cleanser and the ClarityMD Clarifying Serum.  The system works by ‘gently freeing your skin of acne while boosting healthy skin radiance, texture, and tone’.  Unlike Proactiv and other acne brands out there, it does not contain Benzoyl-Peroxide, so there’s no redness, flaking, or irritation of the skin.  The formula is actually designed for adult skin, and uses ingredients derived from nature like “Bakuchiol” (an antioxidant and phytoestrogen found in the seeds and leaves of the plant Psoralea corylifolia), and Natural Chamomile Extract.  The kit also comes with a Konjac sponge (one of my personal favorite exfoliating tools), which you can use as-is on your face, or with the ClarityMD Deep Pore Cleanser.  The best part?  ClarityMD claims that you’ll see results pretty quickly – users report seeing ‘significant positive results on their skin anywhere from 7 -14 days’.

claritymd acne solution deep pore cleanser and serum

My ClarityMD Acne Solution Kit Review

Recently, my biggest skin issues have been small breakouts on my chin, forehead, and around my nose. They’ll typically happen only once a month, but when they do, they can be pretty unattractive and last for days.  So I decided to give the ClarityMD Acne Solution system a try and see if it would 1) help clear up my current skin situation (yep, just got a few of those dreaded pimples again…), and 2) balance out my skin and prevent future breakouts/pimples.

The first step in the ClarityMD Acne Solution 2-step process is to cleanse with the Deep Pore Cleanser.  The formula is clear and has a gel-like consistency.  It lathers up pretty well without creating too much foam (which was a good sign – too much foam often signifies the use of sulfates, which in turn can cause excessive drying).  The formula actually felt extremely gentle, and left my skin clean and refreshed.  Over several days of use, I didn’t experience redness or irritation – my skin felt nice and balanced.

The second step is the ClarityMD Clarifying Serum.  It contains 1% Salicylic acid, a widely-used, key ingredient that works to clear acne in the long-term by penetrating into the pores and dissolving dead skin cell build up.  It also encourages the shedding of the top layer of skin, which prevents further congesting of the pores (1).  The serum is on the thicker side, and also a little sticky, but it glides on smoothly and absorbs fairly quickly.  It provides a little bit of hydration at the same time, and preps your skin for your moisturizer.

After using the whole system for 4-5 days (using the cleanser in the morning and night, and serum only at night), my skin was looking a tad drier than usual.  I also experienced quite a lot of peeling around my nose and cheeks from the Salicylic acid, and was exfoliating like crazy using the Konjac sponge to remove the dry skin (now I see why they included it!).  Once my skin was done going through this ‘shedding’ process, it looked much clearer, smoother, and renewed.  On top of that, I noticed the pimples from the week prior were drying up and disappearing much faster than usual.

After getting a feel for how the system reacted to my skin, I decided to switch up my routine a bit.  I reduced the serum application down to once a week to reduce its drying effect, expecting to increase the application back up to once a day the next time I felt the need for another ‘deep clarifying’ treatment (which turned out to be on a monthly basis, i.e. the length of time it takes for your epidermis to shed and renew itself).  In the meantime, I continued using the cleanser daily to maintain my clear skin.  Using this routine, I experienced less pimples and clearer skin overall.  The serum gave me that once-a-month intensive, ‘clarifying facial’ that helped remove all the dead skin left over from its shedding cycle.  This led to clearer pores, and in turn, smaller, less noticeable pores!

Overall, if you suffer from minimal pimples like me, and want something that will help maintain your skin and prevent random breakouts, I highly recommend trying out the ClarityMD Acne-Clearing Solution Kit.  (Bonus: You can use my promo link here to get free shipping!)

ClarityMD Giveaway on Instagram

I’m so excited to have partnered with ClarityMD to offer you a chance to win the ClarityMD Acne-Clearing Solution Kit (includes the cleanser, serum, and konjac sponge).  To enter, hop on over to Instagram and complete all three of these activities:

  1. Follow @myclaritymd on Instagram
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  3. Leave a comment on my Instagram giveaway post.

(Ends Jan. 29th 11:59 p.m EST.  Open to U.S residents only.)

Update: Congrats to Tarah, the winner of this giveaway!  And a special thanks to everyone who participated 🙂

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