Eating Healthy with HelloFresh & FreshPet: A One Month Round-Up

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freshpet all natural pet food & treats

It’s been a month now since my first HelloFresh order arrived on my doorstep, and the boyfriend and I have been loving it (the boyfriend especially since I’m finally learning how to cook properly :P).  Meanwhile, the little furballs have been enjoying their FreshPet, so it’s been healthy meals for the whole fam.  Here’s an inside look at what’s been going on around my apartment come dinnertime…

freshpet all natural pet food & dog joy treats 1

freshpet all natural pet food

As most pet lovers would agree, one of the best things we can do for our pets is to feed them the very best diet possible, especially since they can’t choose what they eat (expect for those times when they grab it straight off the kitchen table…).  Instead of the boring dried bits, I’ve been feeding my furballs Freshpet.  They offer fresh, all-natural, and tasty meals that our pets can really enjoy.  The food is made without additives, pre-processed meat powders, “chicken meals,” by-products, and preservatives – they stay fresh by keeping them in the fridge.

Open up a FreshPet package, and it literally smells like a fresh deli.  There’s real US meal inside plus real veggies that you can actually see.  Oliver has been loving the meals, especially FreshPet’s Dog Joy turkey bacon treats.  And I’m happy to see him chow down on food that actually nourishes and strengthens his body, while I sit and enjoy some healthy and fresh meals of my own!

hellofresh review 2017

Like I mentioned in my past couple posts, before my boyfriend and I discovered HelloFresh’s meal delivery service, dinner time was a real struggle for us.  Between finding recipes (and keeping a variety), meal planning, shopping, the actual doing the cooking, we had trouble finding time in our schedules to tackle all of it.  Too often our evenings would turn into takeout nights, and if it grew past 12am (we both work pretty late) – Domino’s pizza nights…  But with HelloFresh, they take care of everything, and let you simply enjoy the experience of cooking (and eating) a variety of healthy home-cooked meals.

hellofresh review 2017

hellofresh review 2017

hellofresh review 2017

Topped off with a little french music in the background and dare I say, I’ve actually been having fun cooking.  Not to mention, I’ve been picking up some cooking tips and skills in the process – here are some of the highlights from this past month:

  • Made the best homemade mac and cheese I’ve ever tasted, from the Carolina Barbecue Chicken recipe.  Bye bye boxed pasta and cheese packets!
  • Learned the correct way to hold a chef’s knife. This was actually taught to me by the boyfriend, however, I have HelloFresh to thank for pushing me learn! (Oh yes, there is quite a bit of chopping involved in the meal prep – so you’ll get plenty of practice!)
  • Speaking of garlic, that, plus onions, shallots, and chives, will always be stocked in our kitchen from now on.  (I can’t believe I’ve been cooking all these years without them!)
  • Learned that fruit can really enhance a meat’s flavor (just like wine ;)).  For example, this month we tried a cranberry drizzle over duck, cherry drizzle over pork chops, fig jam over pork chops, and apple slices on pork burgers.
  • Accumulated a ton of recipe cards for healthy, delicious meals that I plan to use in the future.  And since a lot of them use the same ingredients, I may even take a week off from HelloFresh and attempt to create an easy 5-day meal plan out of them!

If you crave healthy, fresh, and tasty dinners, but struggle with all the meal planning and shopping involved, then I highly recommend trying out HelloFresh.  Especially if you’re a complete newbie in the kitchen (like I was when I started), it will completely change your perspective on cooking by making it more approachable, and fun!

And don’t forget the pets – treat them to the next best thing to a home-cooked meal with FreshPet! 😉

hellofresh review 2017 - 1

Super Soy Chicken Tenders

hellofresh review - juicy apple pork burgers

Juicy Apple Pork Burgers

hellofresh review - carolina barbecue chicken

Carolina Barbecue Chicken

Have you tried HelloFresh for yourself, or FreshPet for your pets?


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