Why I’ve Been Loving HelloFresh (& FreshPet for the Furrballs!)

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hellofresh october 2017 meals

These past few weeks, I’ve been trying to gradually organize my life – from my living space to my daily schedule, and everything in between.  The plan is to cut out all the clutter, disorganization, unhealthy habits, and unnecessary stress.  To help encourage me, I finally got around to buying myself a bullet journal, which I find helps immensely in the planning and tracking of my to-dos and goals.

The very first thing I jotted down inside is a ‘monthly habit tracker’.  This is basically where I set small, manageable steps to do daily that will help me meet to my larger goals.  For example, tossing or donating 5 items a day (clothing, beauty products, knick-knacks, etc) so I can eventually trim down my space to just the essentials, doing super quick 20-minute workouts to get in better shape overtime, and cooking up a balanced, homemade meal every weeknight.  The aim with this last one is to eat healthier (with plenty of proteins to fuel my new workout routine), and in turn, feel and look healthier, with more energy to tackle the rest of my to-do list.

At first, my boyfriend and I tried for a while to commit to a routine of planning healthy meals, followed by weekly shopping trip to buy fresh produce, fruits, and veggies.  But we eventually realized just how time-consuming this all can be, especially while trying to create some real variety in our weekly meals.  Then we discovered HelloFresh, a meal delivery service, and boy has it simplified things over the past few weeks for us…

hellofresh meal delivery at home

hellofresh unboxing and recipe cards

hellofresh delivery meal service packaging

As you can see, HelloFresh takes care of pretty much everything – from finding healthy recipes, to picking out fresh ingredients and delivering them straight to our door – so that all that’s left for us to do is unpack the box, follow the recipe cards, and get cooking. The steps are simple, the ingredients are minimal, and the meals are quick.  Heck, even the clean-up is simplified – HelloFresh cleverly plans recipes so that you’re re-using pans and pots instead of have 4-5 going all at once.  Most importantly, the meals are healthy.  A majority of the dishes include a protein, fresh veggies and fruits, and healthy carbs like potatoes and couscous on the side.  (Want to see some examples? Check out my first week’s worth of meals here!)

hellofresh meal delivery fresh ingredients

staying healthy with hellofresh meal delivery

hellofresh october 2017 meals - sesame tacos

The meals also taste amazing.  The delicious sauces that they incorporate into almost every dish puts them many levels above my often bland and boring dishes, as well as anything that I’ve ever picked up hastily in the pre-cooked/frozen sections of the grocery store.  Best of all, the whole experience of stepping away from the computer to cook and then sitting down to eat a healthy, delicious meal simply makes me feel better, not to mention less stressed nutritionally, physically, and mentally.

Fresh, Healthy Meals All Around…

While I’ve been eating healthy, of course I can’t forget the little fuzzballs that run around my legs while I’m cooking.  I’ve been keeping them just as healthy by feeding them a well-balanced, fresh diet thanks to Freshpet.  Unlike typical store-bought canned food and dry bagged food, Freshpet’s pet food is all-natural and only uses fresh ingredients.  There are no pre-processed meat powders, “chicken meals,” or by-products in their ingredients list – just real meat and real veggies that you can actually see.  You also refrigerate it to keep it fresh; there are no additives or preservatives like you’d typically find in dry or canned food.

In the end, Freshpet pretty much the closest thing to serving your pet an actual home-cooked meal.  My pets have been loving the meals too.  I can only guess (because I still haven’t tried it…yet) that the meals tastes amazing, because Oliver literally gobbles it all down in seconds.  He’s getting older too, so it’s important that we keep him healthy and strong, and fresh, all-natural meals most certainly help!

Freshpet all-natural cat and dog food

Visit HelloFresh & Freshpet to learn more about their health meal plans for you and any dogs or cats in your home!

Have you tried HelloFresh’s meal deliveries?  Made any recent changes in your life that have helped you (or your pets) get on a healthier track?


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