The Goodbeing Non-Toxic Beauty Box: January 2018 Review & Unboxing

Goodbeing January 2018 Review & Unboxing

Look what just dropped in!  Another one of my favorite clean, non-toxic beauty boxes – Goodbeing.

If you’re new to Goodbeing, it’s a monthly subscription box that brings you non-toxic beauty and/or lifestyle products to try out.  Their standard boxes come packed with 4-5 deluxe-sized (and sometimes full-sized) products, all carefully selected to match your member profile.  On top of that, you get to choose 1-2 items for your box from a selection of products each month.

There are two box variations available – ‘Beauty‘ (all beauty products) and ‘Lifestyle‘ (mix of beauty and lifestyle products).  The standard subscription costs $24.95 per month (US), and $33.95 per month to Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.  (They also offer a Mini box for $9.95 U.S./$15.95 international, which includes 2 items per month picked by their team.)

I have to admit, I’m still working my way through my Goodbeing box samples from last month.  The ‘anti-aging’ chocolate was of course the first thing to go, followed by the face wash from Jivi which I did in fact go on to purchase – for $12 you can’t beat it.  It’s all-natural, plus for every bottle sold, the company donates a meal to a food bank near you!  I also added some samples when I ordered (you can picked out 4 to try out and pay only shipping), and found another product favorite – their all-natural Acne Treatment.  I got two pimples on my chin last week, and it shrank them down to nothing in only a few days!  Overall, I’m super happy to have discovered Jivi, all thanks to Goodbeing 😉

Anyway, moving on! Let’s see what products and brands were featured in my ‘Lifestyle‘ box for this month…

goodbeing january 2018 review - Gaffer & Child Facial Cleanser

Gaffer & Child Facial Cleanser (Full size, Value: $26) – This is the perfect cleanser for the dry winter months.  It features a blend of organic oils and extracts – including lavender and peppermint oils – that very lightly foams, dissolves makeup, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.  Bonus – it has a very calming and relaxing, yet subtle scent! (Included in most boxes this month.)

goodbeing january 2018 review - Previse Skin Brightening Botanical Scrub

Previse Marine Granules Skin Brightening Botanical Scrub (Value: ~$15) – Another dry and rough skin buster!  This exfoliating scrub combines two natural, biodegradable ingredients – jojoba botanical extracts and fossilized algae – that gently smooth away flakes and dead skin without causing micro-tears.  It’s also fragrance-free and crafted specifically for moms and those with sensitive skin.  (Included in most boxes this month.)

Andalou Naturals Perfecting BB Beauty Balm Natural Tint SPF 30

**Box Favorite** Andalou Naturals Perfecting BB Beauty Balm Natural Tint SPF 30 (Full size, Value: $19.95) –  I love BB/CC/DD creams and this brand, so can already see this becoming a favorite.  It provides the perfect amount of coverage (just enough to even out the skin a bit), contains powerful anti-aging ingredients (like resveratrol, CoQ10, super antioxidants), and is amazingly hydrating.  In fact, it’s specifically formulated for dry to very dry skin types, so it’s ideal for winter.

goodbeing january 2018 review - Everwell for Life Everbiotics

Everwell for Life Everbiotics (Value: $6.83) – These little drinkable powder packets contain a synergistic blend of prebiotics and probiotics plus superfoods.  Take one packet a day in your food or drink (like yogurt, a smoothie, cereal, or just plain water) and it supposedly helps support digestion, increase satiety, fight aging, regulate gut health, promote cardiovascular, and support metabolism.  I tried this out today and it was super tasty (I love the strawberry flavor!).  It’s definitely a convenient way to take probiotics (and I love the added prebiotics and superfoods!).  

goodbeing january 2018 review - Stinkbug Natural Deodorant

Stinkbug Natural Deodorant (Value: $1.90) – This aluminum-free deodorant uses organic coconut oil and baking soda to fight odors, along with non-GMO cornstarch to absorb perspiration.  With only 2-3 light layers, it managed to keep me dry all day long today.  Not to mention, the price point is amazing for an all-natural deo.

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Have you tried the Goodbeing box?  What’s your favorite beauty subscription box?



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