The Goodbeing Non-Toxic Beauty Box: February 2018 Review & Unboxing

Goodbeing February 2018 review (1 of 7)

“In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.” – Caroline Caldwell

February is the month of love, and what better way is there to show ourselves some love than by introducing a few new clean, non-toxic products in our daily routines?

One of my favorite ways to discover clean beauty – other than visiting the (very tiny)! display counters at Whole Foods – is through subscription boxes like Petit Vour, Love Goodly, and Vegan Cuts, as well as Goodbeing, the box I’ll be reviewing today.   New to Goodbeing?  You can find out more about their subscription boxes here, or explore some of my previous boxes here.

Alright, now let’s dig into the the non-toxic beauty and lifestyle goodies in my personalized box for this month…

Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil in Merlot Review

Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil (Full size, Value: $18)Alima Pure is one of my favorite clean beauty brands, so I was super excited to get this full-size pencil, in the perfect deep wine-shade too.  I tried this out today and love the formula – it applies smoothly and evenly, and requires hardly any pressure.  The only downside is that is rubs away pretty easily, so I may end up using this more often for smudged-out looks.

Curandera Remedies Therapeutic Eau De Parfum in Majmua

Curandera Remedies Therapeutic Eau De Parfum in Majmua (Full size, Value: $40) – I love trying out natural perfumes, so when I saw this rather generously-sizer rollerball, the cap was off in seconds.  After I gave the scent time to warm up, it took another whiff and was transported to some exotic destination, surrounded by the warmth of the sun, lush florals, and a rich, deep, romantic spiciness that filled the air…it’s no wonder Majmua is said to be one of the best perfume oils ever created!

Mindful Zebra Sleep Lavender Salt Bath

Mindful Zebra Sleep Lavender Salt Bath (Value: $8) – This was one of two product picks I selected for myself this month. Since I typically indulge in baths in the evenings, I went for the relaxing ‘Sleep’ scented salts, which feature a blend of lavender and Frankincense essential oil mixed in with Himalayan salt and Dead Sea salt. The scent is simple yet so calming and earthly.  Though the packet provides only enough for 2 baths max, I will thoroughly enjoy each one!

Goodbeing February 2018 review - Akar Sample Set Neat Remedy Face Serum

Akar Sample Set (Value: ~$25) – This was the second product (or set, I should say) I selected for myself this month. It includes little trial sizes of Akar’s Lush Balance Toning Mist, Neat Remedy Face Oil, Nutrient Boost Eye Serum, and Ruby Tint Lip Butter.  Everything I’ve tried so far feels luxurious and hydrating.  As a facial mist addict, I was immediately drawn to the Lush Balance Toning Mist, which feels and smells so light and refreshing.  The lip butter is another favorite – it literally melts at the touch of your finger, and instantly cushions and smooths the lips.  The rest of this set I plan to use as a treat the next time I travel!

Goodbeing february 2018 - Rechoc Chocolate Supplement review

Rechoc Chocolate Supplement (Value: $3.74) – I thought these looked very familiar to ‘anti-aging’ chocolate I’d received a few boxes ago.  Turns out, there are several brands that are making these nutrient-rich, ‘next-level’ chocolates.  This one in particular is rich in both epicatechins and resveratrol, the polyphenols of cocoa and red wine.  Both supposedly help promote well-being and longevity.  I’m not going to lie, I ate all three while writing this post…they’re that delicious!  Though I’m pretty sure one a day is all you need. 😉

Goodbeing February 2018 review - New Chapter Perfect Hair, Skin & Nails

New Chapter Perfect Hair, Skin & Nails (Value: $17.48) – I already take Biotin for my nails, but after reading the label on this, I’m swapping it out for this instead since it’s offers a more holistic approach to skin, hair, and nail care.  It not only has your strengtheners and fortifiers like Biotin and Astaxanthin (a powerful anti-ager and complexion-booster), it also contains a stress & energy and digestive support blend, which address different types of internal stress. And less internal stress equals less external stress that shows on our skin.


Unboxing this month’s Goodbeing box was one amazing sensory experience!  Between the relaxing Sleep bath salts, spicy Majmua perfume oil, delicious Rechoc chocolate, and luxurious Akar skincare formulas, I was already ready to call this my favorite box so far.  Add in the wine-colored eye pencil (love that shade) and the superfood-infused beauty supplements, and I’m set for the rest of the month with goodies to indulge in. (Well, expect for the chocolate…because that’s gone…). 🙂

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Have you tried the Goodbeing box?  Do you have a favorite beauty subscription box?


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