DailyLook Elite Box Review & Try On | Box #1

Update: Catch my most recent 2017 DailyLook Elite unboxings here.

dailylook elite box unboxed

My First DailyLook Elite Box

This is my first ever DailyLook Elite Box.  I received a promo code on their website for a free 3-month trial, so I figured, why not!?  I’ve been a big fan of their online shop, and especially love their outfit creations.  So to have a big box of clothing and accessories delivered to my door seemed like a fun way to experiment without having to make a huge order myself.

Getting Started

When you first sign up for the DailyLook Elite box, they ask you to take a somewhat lengthy survey that covers everything from your clothing (and shoe) sizes, your style, and also any special requests for the types of clothes you want to receive.  Then, once you receive the Elite box, you have around 7 days to try everything on and decide if you want to purchase anything.  Whatever you don’t want to keep, you just send back in the box!

dailylook elite box unboxed

My Past Experiences with Clothing Subscription Boxes…

This is actually the second clothing box that I’ve tried – StitchFix being my first, many years back (my first box was reviewed here).  Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with the fit, quality and style of the pieces I received from them (maybe it was just a bad box), but with the monthly cost, and one not-so-good experience, there was nothing really urging me on to stay subscribed.

When I heard about the DailyLook Elite box; however, I was immediately excited and hopeful that they would be able to find pieces that I’d like, especially since I love the style of most items in their online shop.  I actually shopped at DailyLook.com a few times in the past and purchased a few items – a dress, made by DailyLook, and a couple pairs of strappy sandals. I was really happy with both the quality and style of all the pieces, and with that in mind, I knew the items in my Elite box would meet my standards. All that’s left would be to decide which ones matched my personal style!

My DailyLook Elite Box Review

My DailyLook Elite box contained six items – four articles of clothing, and two accessories. Let’s start with a fun try on session, beginning with the clothes.

jane chambray shirt dress

Dailylook Elite Box Try On: Clothing

So on to the first item – the Jane Chambray Shirt Dress in light blue.   This piece turned out to be one of my favorites.  I always liked the idea of a shirt dress, but never really took the initiative to shop for one myself.  After trying on this one though, I’m loving how easy it is to throw on!  I think it would be a nice option to have to wear out during the spring and summer (plus, it would even go well with leggings in the fall/winter).

I added the belt only because without it, it doesn’t really look like much (on me at least!).  It just sort of falls straight down, and looks like you literally just got out of bed (unfortunately, the shirt wrinkles easily too).

The one big problem I had with this dress was that it was too short on me (the belt just made it go even higher!).  I’m thinking about getting the next size up by just ordering straight off of DailyLook.

dailylook elite box try on
The next items I received included a skort, shirt, and dress (a nice variety here!).

I loved the Dailylook origami mini skort – it felt high quality and looked sophisticated and modern.  Unfortunately, it was a tad too tight on me, so I’m thinking about ordering the next size up online along with the shirt dress.  It is definitely required that you wear very smooth, nude undies so you can’t see the lines/color – the fabric reveals everything!

The Dailylook Sydney shirt was alright – definitely not my favorite.  I do love ‘work’ type shirts that you can wear out casually, but this one just didn’t fit me that well (too loose this time).  It was quite long in the back and to look right, I found it needed to be tucked into a skirt, shorts, or pants.  But with all the fabric in the back, it just bunched up too much under my clothing.  Oh well!

Next up was the Dailylook Pleated A-Line Midi Dress.  This dress feels very sturdy and is made of a nice thick material.  It’s cute, but not really my style (I rarely wear dresses).  If you are a dress person however, and love full skirts, I recommend this!

Dailylook Elite Box Try On: Accessories

Also, DailyLook sent two accessories in my Elite box – one was the Vegan Leather Structured Crossbody Purse, which you can see me using in the bottom left photo.  I love this, but there was a small string hanging from one side, so I’m returning it with my box, but will likely purchase it online (it’s the perfect size – fits my kindle! – and has different compartments to keep everything organized).

zayn infinity tassel scarf

The second accessory was this pretty Zayn Infinity Tassel Scarf in red.  I love the color and how soft it is, but I’m not really an everyday scarf person, so I’m debating whether or not to buy it and just hold on to it for next fall/winter.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was very happy with my first DailyLook Elite box.  My stylist chose pieces that fit my style pretty closely, and that was just going off of the initial survey I filled out!  I plan on giving them my feedback, as they suggest, and then seeing what comes in the next box!  🙂

If you’re interested in trying out the DailyLook Elite box, you can sign up here!

dailylook pleated a line midi dress

Update: Dailylook has since raised the monthly styling fee for the Elite box from $20 to $40.  Despite the fact that all $40 turns into a store credit, I still thought that it was a tad steep.  Not to mention, I started finding better prices on their clothing/shoes elsewhere online, so I decided to cancel my subscription.

Update: Catch my most recent 2017 DailyLook Elite unboxings here.

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