DailyLook Elite Box Review & Try On | Box #2

Update: Catch my most recent 2017 DailyLook Elite unboxings here.

Today I wanted to share with you all the items I received in my second Dailylook Elite box.  After receiving my very first Elite box, I figured my stylist would have an even better idea of my style (based on the feedback I gave on my first set of items).  Plus, I had gotten a better idea of what size I wore in some of the brands Dailylook stocks as well, so overall I was expecting to find some nice fitting, interesting pieces.

So let’s get to the fun part (trying everything on!), and then to my overall Dailylook Elite box review for this month.

Dailylook Elite Box Try On

DAILYLOOK Polly Pocket Shirt

DAILYLOOK Polly Pocket Shirt – $69.99 – My first item is a nice classic white button up shirt – just what I asked for!  I imagine it would look great tucked into a pencil skirt or worn with casual jean shorts like I’m wearing above.  Sadly, the size was a bit off for me – I like my button ups to look slightly more fitted.  Otherwise, the material is great quality and the thickness is just right – not too thin/see-through, yet still comfortably lightweight – which makes it perfect from both Winter and Summer.

velvet heart riley chambray shirt

Riley Chambray Button Down Shirt – $87.99 – This is the one piece I decided to purchase from my Dailylook Elite box.  It’s tencel material which is incredibly soft and airy.  Plus, it’s quite versatile and looks good both buttoned up as well as layered on over another top (or even a bathing suit top at the beach!) and left open.  I love the worn-in, washed look (you can see some of the fading towards the top and down the sides).

 Sunset Sons Striped Skort

Scalloped Hem Vegan Leather Short – $44.99 – These shorts are great quality and quite unique in both color, edge, and texture.  Personally, I wasn’t crazy about the scalloped edges, but I think they would great on someone maybe a little bit younger.

Sunset Sons Striped Skort – $54.99 – Again, these are really great quality shorts and very…different.  🙂  I’ve never seen anything quite like them.  They sort of have that ‘skort’ type look to them, plus the satiny material puts them on the dressier side of your average pair of shorts.  They really do dress up a plain tee or tank top!

dolce vita antigone dress
Dolce Vita Antigone Dress – $94.95 – This dress is really beautiful, especially with all the extra detailing.  Unfortunately, I just couldn’t imagine any time or place where I’d feel comfortable wearing this.  It almost had that wedding dress sort of feel to it (I imagine it would be perfect for a casual, outdoor bohemian style wedding!).

Janine Vegan Leather Metal Flap Crossbody Purse

Janine Vegan Leather Metal Flap Crossbody Purse  – $64.99 – This is a really nice quality leather bag.  It’s the perfect size for everyday (it can fit a little makeup pouch, cell phone, even a Kindle/book!), plus it has a bunch of little extra compartments including a whole separate section that acts as a sort of build-it wallet.

Dogeared Triple Karma Mini Ring Necklace – $65.99 – Cute necklace, right? For me though, I figured  for the same price I could find 1-2 pieces from BaubleBar (my favorite online jewelry store) that would add a little extra pop.

chinese laundry sandals
Chinese Laundry Take Down Leather Sandals – $74.99 – I actually love how comfortable these sandals are!  The only problem is that due to their design and small heel, they end up making my feet look really long.  Also, you’ll notice that I didn’t take the time to strap up the sandals all the way (it just took too much work to get these actually on in the first place!). But, if you have smaller feet, these would look great on you, and I’m sure the extra time it takes to strap and re-strap would be worth it. 🙂

My (2nd) DailyLook Elite Box Review

Overall, I really like the majority of the items that came in my second Dailylook Elite box.  All of the pieces fit my style and were closer to my size as well.  At this point, though my free trial is up, I’ve decided to continue subscribing to see what else my stylist can pull together for me!  (Plus, if I choose to buy any of the pieces, the $20 fee that they charge for the monthly subscription will act as a credit on my purchase!).

Again, if you’d like to see what I got in my first DailyLook Elite box, check out my post here!

And if you’re interested in trying out the Elite box, you can sign up here.  You’ll start by taking a survey to help your stylist pick out items for you!

Update: Dailylook has since raised the monthly styling fee for the Elite box from $20 to $40.  Despite the fact that all $40 turns into a store credit, I still thought that it was a tad steep.  Not to mention, I started finding better prices on their clothing/shoes elsewhere online, so I decided to cancel my subscription.

Update: Catch my most recent 2017 DailyLook Elite unboxings here.

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