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au naturale Super Fine Powder Eye Shadow review

Non-toxic makeup formulations, natural makeup looks, and effortless applications – those are all the things you’ll find in Au Naturale’s clean beauty line.  Their Super Fine Powder Eye Shadows are no exception…

Au Naturale Super Fine Powder Eye Shadows

Like all of Au Naturale’s non-toxic beauty products, their Super Fine Powder Shadows are 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan and made in the USA.  They’re also gluten-free, and nano particle-free (which is something that I always look for when I’m buying powder makeup).

Ingredients: Iron Oxides, Silica, Zinc Oxide, Micas

Pigment-wise, these loose powder shadows pack a lot of intensity.  Sheer them out for a subtle everyday look, or build them up for a dramatic look for evening.

“The Super Fine Powder Shadow is pure in formulation and fierce in color play.” – Au Naturale

Most impressively, these loose powders are housed in super convenient, travel-friendly little rollerballs as opposed to usual sifter jars.  This innovative packaging not only simplifies the application process but also minimizes a lot of the mess!

au naturale Super Fine Powder Eye Shadow review 2au naturale Super Fine Powder Eye Shadow Mahogany

Au Naturale’s selection of Super Fine Powder Shadows is ever-changing – they’re constantly releasing new shades and retiring old ones.  Right now on their website, there are 16 shades available ranging from delicate pastels like Ballet, Lace, and the celestial-inspired Luna, warm neutrals like Chai, Cedar, and Amber, and shimmery metals like Pyrite, Copper, and Slate.  And brand new for their Spring 2018 collection they released Guava, a beautiful blush gold with a warm shimmer.

Today I’m sharing two shades that I’ve found work particularly well together – Taupe and Mahogany – along with a look that I’ve been wearing a lot recently.

au naturale Super Fine Powder Eye Shadow Mahogany & Taupe swatches 8

Swatches of Taupe (top) and Mahogany (bottom), build up to full opacity

Taupe is a light tan with pink undertones with a semi-matte finish.  The darker shade Mahogany is a golden brown with warm micro-shimmer.

The two shades pair perfectly together to create a simple, everyday neutral eye look. What I’ll do is apply Taupe to my eyelid as a base color, and then I’ll apply Mahogany in the crease and outer v to add some depth, as you can see in the next couple photos…

au naturale Super Fine Powder Eye Shadow Mahogany & Taupe swatches 8au naturale Super Fine Powder Eye Shadow Mahogany & Taupe swatches 8

Wearing Au Naturale Super Fine Powder Eye Shadows in Taupe (lid) and Mahogany (crease)

Au Naturale Super Fine Powder Eye Shadow Review

Thanks to the handy rollerball tip, the application process takes almost no time.  You can either swipe the applicator directly onto the lid, or go back and forth in the crease – the little roller is the perfect size for that!  (Just a note – If you’re going this route, just make sure to tap the rollerball down on your hand a few times in-between swipes so the product comes out evenly.)  Alternatively, you can tap/swipe the rollerball on the back of your hand first, and then use a brush to pick it up and apply, or simply use your fingers!

The powders themselves offer a lot of flexibly.  You can build them up to full coverage (like what you see in the hand swatches above) to get a more dramatic look.  To achieve this look, I’d recommend applying an eyelid primer first to help the powders ‘stick’.  On the other hand, if you’re looking to get a softer, more subtle look, you can blend out the shadows with a brush (I use this one) or your fingers.  This will leave behind a beautiful sheer wash of color, similar to what you see in the photos above.

The other great thing about Au Naturale’s Super Fine Powder Shadows is that they stay put all day on my oily lids, with very minimal creasing.  If you had trouble with Au Naturale’s Créme de la Creme Eye Shadows or any other cream shadows staying put, I’d recommend giving one of these a go!

Available at Petit Vour, Au Naturale, & Beauty Heroes

What are your thoughts on Au Naturale’s Super Fine Powder Eye Shadows?


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