Building An Age-Aware Skincare Routine with ARK

ARK skincare Pro Remove Pre Cleanse and ageprotect skin vitality moisturizer

You may choose your skincare based on your skin type, but what about your age? Believe it or not, as we age, our skincare needs evolve.  Women in particular go through transitional periods in the aging process twice in our lives – including the late 20s to early 30s, and late 50s to early 60s.  With each phase, we see a shift in hormone production and in the way the body functions – including the skin. So the obvious question is, shouldn’t our skincare evolve too?

ARK, a relatively new British-made skincare brand, studied the skin both externally and internally during these periods, and from their findings, they formulated three age-specific product ranges.  Each line features the essentials – a dedicated cleanser and moisturizer – and includes:

  • Age Protect (teens to 20s) – focuses on protecting the skin from environmental damage
  • Age Maintain (30s – 40s) – focuses on supplying skin with vital nutrients and greater antioxidant protection to fight the early signs of aging
  • Age Repair (50+) – focuses on repairing the skin with intensive anti-aging, collagen-boosting, and skin-brightening ingredients

Key facts about their formulations:

  • ARK’s skincare products are formulated without parabens, SLS, mineral oil, S.D alcohol, artificial colour or fragrance (making them great for sensitive skin).
  • They use active natural ingredients wherever possible – products range from 65% to 100% natural.
  • ARK is cruelty-free – “We’ve never tested on animals and we never will.”

ARK skincare Pro Remove Pre Cleanse and ageprotect skin vitality moisturizer

Building Your Skincare Routine With ARK

Each of the ARK’s three Age Aware lines includes the essentials – a dedicated cleanser and moisturizer.  From there, you can add in ARK’s universal exfoliator (Triple Action Exfoliator) and mask (Hydration Injection Masque) from their ‘Skin Perfectors‘ line to form a complete 4-step skincare routine.

If you have specific skincare concerns you want to target, ARK offers their ‘Skin Perfector’ serums, which include: Clearing, Anti-redness, Firming, Hydrating, Radiance, and De-Stress.

Finally, the ‘Skin Essentials‘ line offers a variety of daily essentials that can be used by all ages, and works to enhance your core skincare products.  This includes an eye cream, a toner, and pre-cleanser.

I know that’s a lot, but you can really simplify your routine down to just the cleanser and moisturizer (and use a washcloth for exfoliation).  Or, if you want to jump straight in, you can pick up the 4 core products, a targeted serum, and any Skin Essential extras that you need to complete your routine – it’s all up to you and what you find best suits your skin and overall needs.

While in ‘discovery mode’, I started out with just the essentials – a cleanser and moisturizer.  This included the ARK Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturizer along with the ARK Pro Remove Pre Cleanse from their Skin Essentials line.  Here are my thoughts and review on each!

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ARK Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturizer Review

Formulated with avocado, peach, and olive oils, the ARK Age Protect Moisturizer feels ultra-rich, cushion-y, and creamy on the skin.  It provides immediate, intense hydration and leaves my skin feeling super quenched, soft and supple within minutes.

Despite the rich, hydrating oils, the formula absorbs rather quickly, without leaving a shiny/oily residue on the skin.  I’m able to apply my mineral foundation over top, 3-5 minutes after applying, and it goes on flawlessly without looking patchy!

Like all of ARK’s skincare, the Age Protect Moisturizer contains no artificial fragrances/colors.  It has a very light, almost imperceptible scent from the natural ingredients that disappears once on the skin, reducing the chance of irritation and making it perfect for even sensitive skin types.

The moisturizer comes packaged in a jar that uses an airless pump to dispense the product.  I love this because 1) it delivers the exact amount of product you need to cover the whole face and neck, and 2) it keeps the ingredients protected and safe from contamination.

ARK Pro Remove Pre Cleanse

ARK Pro Remove Pre Cleanse Review

If you double cleanse in the evening like me, ARK Pro Remove Pre Cleanse is a welcome addition to an everyday skincare routine.  It works as a pre-step by first removing makeup (even waterproof) before moving to more intensive pore cleansing.

It’s a very gentle, clear liquid that smooths over the face.  You can see it instantly start to loosen waterproof eye makeup.  It works and feels similar to oil-based cleansers and uses grape seed, avocado and kiwi oils to nourish skin and protect against dryness.

First you apply it using dry hands, on a dry face, and smooth over.  It’s a very gentle, clear liquid that instantly starts to loosen waterproof eye makeup and more.  Despite being oil-based, it rinses off easily with water and leaves my skin feeling balanced and hydrated.

I personally love using this as a gentle morning cleanser, just on its own.  It gets rid of any leftover makeup (because I always seem to have left mascara on my lashes overnight), along with any oilies produced overnight, without over-drying or over-cleansing my skin.

Final Thoughts

ARK’s innovative skincare line takes the guesswork out of finding the right skincare products (and ingredients) to keep your skin in optimum health and looking its best – at any age.  Like I mentioned before, you can adjust your routine to be as simple or as comprehensive as you’d like with these.  You can also combine both age-specific and issue-specific products to create a customized regimen.

I was personally impressed with the high-quality ingredients, soothing formulas, and hydrating and balancing after-effects.  I would absolutely recommend trying out their line, especially if you have sensitive skin.  A great place to start is their moisturizers, a skincare essential that will help you gauge the effectiveness of their formulas on your skin.  ARK skincare is available worldwide, and can be ordered online on their website.


Have you tried age-targeted skincare before?  Do you typically look for skincare targeted towards your age range or skin type/concerns?


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