10 Ways to Wake Up Looking Even More Gorgeous

10 ways to wake up looking even more gorgeous

I wish I had Sabrina’s ability to twirl my fingers in the mornings and within seconds, be dressed, made up, and looking gorgeous. But since it’s not that simple for us mere mortals, we have to resort to a few tricks of our own to speed up our morning routines. One way is to follow a few simple steps the night before to cut down on the primping, prepping, and skin/hair care rescue missions come morning.  Here are my top 10!

Wash Your Face – 2x!

The first (and arguably most important) step is to wash your face before you go to bed. If you wear makeup, make sure to cleanse 2x – first to remove your makeup, then again once your pores are open and exposed to get that deep-down cleanse.  Use a konjac sponge or washcloth in your last step to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin that could otherwise build up and cause pimples/blackheads.

Lock in Hydration

After your face is cleansed, make sure to apply nighttime-specific cream.  These are typically richer than your morning moisturizer, and work to lock in moisture for 6 hours+ as you sleep, resulting in smoother, more hydrated skin (not to mention a much easier makeup application!) come morning.  My favorite is The Body Shop’s Oil of Life Sleeping Cream (the best non-greasy, lightweight, yet super hydrating moisturizer I’ve come across so far!).

Strengthen Brows & Lashes

Brows and lashes need just as much nourishment as our hair and skin, but they’re often neglected.  To keep them healthy and stronger, simply apply a few drops of olive oil or castor oil (I use this one) onto a Q-tip or your fingers, and then gently massaging it over the hairs, as well as into the skin around the follicles.  This will help protect and strengthen your existing hairs, while also stimulating the growth of new ones for thicker, fuller brows and lashes.

Add a Glow

Add a few drops of self tanner into your night cream to wake up to a subtle, sun-kissed glow come morning!  Or, double-up on your moisturizer, using one layer of a gradual self-tanning lotion, followed by a thin layer of night cream.

Whiten Your Smile

For whiter teeth, sprinkle on some charcoal powder or baking soda over top of your toothbrush. My favorite is Smart Ash’s all-natural charcoal powder, which is gentle enough for everyday use (I know it may look gross while you’re brushing, but it works!).  If you’re using baking soda, try to limit it to once a week to prevent damaging your enamel, as it’s a bit more abrasive.

Smooth & Soften Lips

The first step to waking up to super smooth lips in the morning is exfoliation.  You can use a store-bought or homemade lip scrub (like my mojito scrub here!) – or simply grab your toothbrush and gently brush your lips.   Finish off by slathering a generous coat of lip balm, or better yet, a sleeping mask for your lips.  (I’m currently loving the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – it’s super hydrating and smells like strawberry bubblegum!)

Prep & Refresh Hair

For fresh, voluminous hair in the morning, follow these steps: Start by sprinkling a pinch or two of dry shampoo on your scalp to soak up oilies as you sleep.  My favorite is One Love Organics’ Dry Shampoo (it’s all-natural, plus it doesn’t leave me breathing in a cloud of chemicals and fragrances).  Then, gently pull/comb all your hair up towards the ceiling and twist your hair in a loose bun. Use a hair tie (preferably a scrunchy) to hold it in place while you sleep.  This keeps your hair off your pillow (hence preventing breakage from pillow friction). Plus, it will create lift at the roots and natural volume when you release the bun in the morning!

Skip the Carbs

To wake to a thinner, more defined face, trying cutting down on the carbs, especially before bed. “When our diet’s high in glycemic carbohydrates, our features take on a soft, doughy appearance,” says dermatologist Nicholas Perricone.  Instead, opt for food rich in lean protein (fish is a great option!) and veggies.

Relax & Catch Those Zzz’s

To help you relax and prepare for your beauty sleep (while also hydrating your body), try drinking a hot cup of herbal tea (which is typically caffeine-free and often made with naturally calming ingredients like chamomile and lavender).  BE SLEEPY and Yogi Bedtime Tea are two of my favorites.

What are some of your favorite bedtime beauty rituals that make you feel more beautiful and confident in the mornings?






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