My Workday Pick-Me-Up Routine

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When 3pm rolls around, sometimes we hit that workday slump – both mentally and physically.  Here’s my quick mid-day routine that helps me to de-stress, refresh, and refuel when I’m feeling worn out or low on energy.

1) Yoga & Stretches

Sitting at a desk for hours on end can really take a toll on my posture and even my mood.  That’s why I love yoga – it’s the perfect way to stretch out the body and simultaneously de-stress and clear your mind.  You can do little poses and stretches at your desk, or in a small private area (if you have one available).  My favorite mini routine is to do about 10 cycles of the downward dog, plank, and cobraThen I’ll do a bunch of shoulder stretches to further loosen them up – both help immensely and even give you a boost of energy with the increased blood flow!

yuni Shower Sheets

2) A Quick Refresh

Following a quick yoga routine, if it’s been a particularly hot or stressful day, I’ll grab one of these super handy Shower Sheets* from green beauty brand YUNI to quickly freshen up.  These guys feel so cool and refreshing on the skin, and dry in seconds without leaving any residue behind.  They come conveniently wrapped in individual packages too, so you can carry them with you in your purse or backpack for quick touch-ups – anytime and anywhere!

ouai wave spray
After cleansing, I’ll do a quick spritz the Ouai Wave Spray, which I love for two reasons – one, it surrounds you with a gorgeous, subtle scent that lingers as the day goes on, and two, it adds some extra texture and lift back into the hair.  I’ll typically give my hair 4-5 sprays while tousling and lifting my hair at the roots for extra volume.

evian facial spray and julep green tea blotter papers (1 of 1)

3) Makeup Boost

Usually by 3pm, my face has gone from matte to super shiny. So my first step in refreshing my makeup is to grab some blotting paper and soak up all the oilies.  Then, I’ll use one of my favorite facial spritzes to re-hydrate and add a dewy, healthy glow back to the skin. The cool mist also acts an instant pick-me-up, and feels especially refreshing on tired eyes!


4) Healthy Snacking

Since 3pm hits right in between lunch and dinner, I’m using digging around in my drawers for a snack.  My latest go-to for an energy kick are the SunRype Energy and Fruit & Chia Bars*, which are all gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan. The energy bars in particular pack 7 grams of plant (pea) protein, plus tea and ginseng for a safe energy boost. What I like most about these bars is that, unlike other energy bars I’ve tried (like Clif and Luna), these are very moist and chewy.  They’re also super tasty, and come in a variety of delicious flavors like chocolate coconut, and mango twist (my favorite!).  You can typically find them in the produce section of major grocery stores, as well as on Amazon.

(SunRype is currently running an amazing #Fit4School contest for back to school, going on now through 9/9.  Check it out here on their Facebook page!)


5) A Fresh Cup of Joe

Along with a quick snack, I’ll typically have my first cup of coffee for the day right around 3pm.  I love making it iced, no matter the season – I find the cold temperature makes it even more of a refresher!  What I’ll typically do is grab one of my (humongous) mason jars and pour freshly brewed coffee over ice, then add a bit of creamer – simple but sooo good!  And now I’m ready to get back to work! 😉

What mid-day activities and routines help you refresh and refuel?


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