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holiday gift giving - the gift of scent

A scent can be so powerful when it comes to making memoriesIt’s a way for us to ‘encapsulate’ those special moments, and re-awaken the memories whenever we catch a whiff of a particular scent.  I remember one Christmas my parents bought me a new perfume and I literally wore it all Christmas and New Year’s long (and it’s still to this day one of my favorite perfumes for the Fall and Winter seasons).  Now, almost 6 years later, whenever I smell that scent, my mind takes me back to that year and reminds me of all the fun memories – from spending cozy evenings with my boyfriend just chatting at Starbucks, to big holiday trips and parties with the whole family.  That’s why I love gifting my family and friends’ scents around the holidays, because you’re also gifting a memory. 

Choosing the Right Scent

Choosing a scent for someone else can be very tricky – everyone has their own ‘style’, favorite notes, and different occasions when they wear perfumes.  One way to get a clue into their scent style and preferences is to look at their current collection/favorites.  Do they typically wear heady musky scents, light florals, or maybe ones with bright fruit or citrus notes?  Or are they a nature lover and enjoy wearing perfumes with woodsy notes?  (Hint: Hobbies and interests can be a big clue too!)  Do they like simple, one or two notes perfumes, or more complex scents?  Try to get a feel for what their favorite ‘scent category’ may be, and then look for something with similar notes and intensity. 

For example, this year, I was on the lookout for a fun scent to gift my Mom. (Being pretty big perfume/cologne ‘collectors’, my family is always gifting one another new fragrances for birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and especially Christmas.  This year will be no exception!)  After thinking back on her favorite scents, I decided to go with the ‘Rose Buds and Vanilla perfume from Vera Wang. Vera’s perfumes fit my mom’s taste perfectly, which leans more toward lighter, feminine scents, where the floral notes take center-stage.

vera wang embrace rose buds and vanilla (1 of 1)-2

The Vera Wang Embrace ‘Rose Buds and Vanilla‘ perfume is actually under the ‘Oriental Floral’ scent category.  It has top notes of rose, mandarin orange and damask rose, middle notes of cyclamen, iris and magnolia, and base notes of musk, vanilla and sandalwood.  All the notes combine to create a warm yet floral scent, which (bonus!) makes it perfect for all seasons.  That’s just what I was looking for – a perfume that my mom could enjoy all year long.  Luckily, I found it as part of a Coty fragrance set while doing my weekly shopping at CVS.  The set came with a lotion and shower gel in addition to the perfume bottle, which are fun little extras (’cause who couldn’t use more lotion and yummy smelling shower gel?!).

vera wang embrace fragrance gift set rose buds and vanilla

vera wang embrace fragrance gift set rose buds and vanilla

An Idea for Scent Newbies (& Scent Lovers)

Now, if you’re looking to buy a scent for someone just starting out, a fragrance gift set is a great option.  What I like about these fragrance sets in particular is that the perfume bottles are only about 1 fl oz, so the person you gift it to doesn’t have to commit to a full size bottle.  They also make fun ‘starter’ kits for anyone that’s just beginning to explore and experiment with fragrances, and considering the price range ($10-30), the sets are inexpensive enough that you can pick out a couple for them to try out (bonus: snag a $4 coupon here!).  The selection isn’t limited to women’s fragrances either – they have colognes for the guys too!

coty fragrance gift sets at CVS

Remember, by gifting a scent this holiday season, you’re gifting not only a fragrance, but also an experience and lasting memories.  All it takes is a little thought when it comes to choosing a scent that fits your friend’s or family member’s style.  (Hint: You can also take note of any hints they drop while passing by the perfume counter, or while trying on those magazine samples!).  And if you want to discover even more ways to gift a memory through a new fragrance this holiday season, head here for more inspiration!

Who would you gift a fragrance set to?

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