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tan luxe the water review, before & after 24

I’m super excited because I’m finally going to make it out to the New Jersey shore next week for some sun, sand, and lots of funnel cake! :P. But before I leave, since I’m still ghost white from the waist down, I thought I’d do a little pre-beach tanning using the Tan-Luxe The Water Hydrating Self-Tan Water.  It’s one of my new tanning favorites, here’s why…

Tan-Luxe The Water Hydrating Self-Tanner

Tan-Luxe The Water self-tanner is the most innovative tanning product I’ve come across so far.  At the very top of its ingredients list, you’ll find purified water, which gives the formula a very lightweight, refreshing feel and delivers instant hydration to the skin.  The colorless liquid also contains organic, Eco-Cert, naturally derived DHA – its key tanning ingredient – along with vitamins B, C, and E, raspberry seed oil, and aloe vera, so it doubles as a soothing moisturizer to further enhance your glow.  The Water is not only non-toxic, but also vegan and cruelty-free!

The best part?  The formula eliminates a lot of the fuss associated with the typical self-tanner.  For one, you can spray it directly on your skin and then use your hands to blend it in – it’s super quick!  It’s also fast-drying and non-staining, so you can use it anytime and anywhere, even on-the-go.

tan luxe the water review, before & after 03

How to Apply

On dry skin, spray generously, and then blend using a mitt or your hands using large circular motions. Make sure to lightly cover any dry areas, including ankles, knees, and elbows, and do your hands and feet last. Then your wash hands after use.

Tan-Luxe The Water Before & After

For my before and after test, I applied the Tan-Luxe The Water self-tanner on just the one leg so I could compare it side-by-side with my other leg.  (I find that when photo-taking, this gives me the best representation of color change since the lighting is kept consistent.  It’s also easier for me to monitor its effects!)  I did one full application where I sprayed the tanner rather heavily (~10 sprays) on my leg, and then used my hands to blend it in.  Then I sat back and watched the color develop!

After two hours in, I began to notice the slightest deepening of color.  At the six-hour mark, I noticed one full shade change.  And by the next morning (and waking up to unstained sheets – yay!), the color had deepened another shade and evolved into a warm, natural-looking tan!

Here are my results after just the one application, and giving it 24 hours to develop…

tan luxe the water review, before & after 02

Left: Results after one application, Right: Bare leg

If you’re looking for more gradual, subtle results than what I have shown here, you can always apply fewer sprays to start out.  Or, rinse the product off right after you’ve achieved your desired color to prevent it from developing too much more.

Tan-Luxe The Water Review

Tax-Luxe’s The Water comes in two shades – Light to Medium and Medium to Dark.  I used the Light to Medium version.  On my light neutral-toned skin, the resulting color very closely matches the look of my skin when naturally tanned – it adds just the right amount of warmth and bronze-y tones.  Plus, the coverage always comes out even and streak-free, even when I use my hands and not a mitt to blend it in.  I’ll occasionally notice dark spots around the driest bits like my knees and ankles, but that’s to be expected with any self-tanner. (To avoid this, it’s best to moisturize those areas just prior and then lightly cover with tanner.  I was in a rush though and did neither this time, which is why my knees are a bit darker in the photos.)

tan luxe the water review, before & after 05

Now, using a self-tanner in spray form has both advantages and disadvantages.  On the plus side, it’s a lot faster and easier to apply than a mousse or lotion – just spray and blend!  However, you do lose some control.  I try to point the nozzle as close to my body as possible, but even then, a little product always gets on the floor.  For that reason, I’d recommend using this in the bathroom – better yet, in the shower with the curtain closed.  Fortunately, I haven’t experienced any staining on floors, carpets, sheets, or clothing – I got a little on my boyfriend’s white shirt (which, for some reason, couldn’t find its way to the laundry hamper!) and my white bed sheets by accident, but I checked both the next day and they were fine!

One tiny issue?  The smell.  The first burst comes out very strong and perfume-y, but it does disappear rather quickly.  Shortly after, I’ll notice that usual tanner smell – it’s not super strong, but it is there.  For that reason, I prefer to apply this in the evening when I’m about to settle down for the day, and then I’ll keep it on overnight to let it develop into a beautiful tan come morning (the smell fortunately fades by then!).

Overall, I’m absolutely loving Tan-Luxe’s The Water self-tanner.  The most impressive part for me is the speed of color development.  It works faster than all my other tanning products, including my long-time favorite from St. Tropez – one application and I’m set for the week!  On top of that, it’s quicker and easier to apply, and also mess-free.  Anything that simplifies my beauty routine is worthy of HG status and this tanner has definitely earned it in my book!

Available at Sephora, Ulta, & Cult Beauty

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