Splendies Underwear Subscription Review | June 2017

splendies june 2017 review unboxing - underwear subscription

A short while ago, I tried out my very first undie subscription service starting with Bootaybag’s monthly packs (you can find both of my reviews here).  While I loved the styles, I decided to try out a different service for a change, which brings me to today’s review of Splendies.

Splendies works similar to Bootaybag (and most other undie subscription services for that matter) in that they send you fresh pairs of panties monthly, tailored to your 1) size and 2) style preferences (i.e. your choice of thongs, no thongs, or a surprise variety).  However, there are a couple of differences when it comes to price, styles, and sizing.

Splendies vs Bootaybag

Price-wise, Splendies offers slightly more bang for your buck, sending you 3 pairs for $13.99 (~$4.66/pair) verses 2 pairs for $13 ($6.50/pair) with Bootaybag.

Splendies also sends pairs from different brands, so there’s more variety in fabrics, cuts, prints, and styles in general. (You can check out some of their past packages here). Meanwhile, Bootaybag’s undies are made by the same manufacturer, and seem to almost all feature the same soft, stretchy lace material, with slightly sexier styles.

When it comes to sizing, what will likely be a draw for a lot of people is Splendies extensive range – they offer sizes S, M, L and XL in their ‘Splendies’ packs, to 1X, 2X, and 3X in their ‘Volupties’ packs (which are slightly more expensive at $16.99/month).  Bootaybag currently only offers sizes S, M, and L (update: Bootaybag has since expanded their size range to include XS and XL as well).

So back to this month’s Splendies….  I really had no idea what I was going to receive for June, since unlike Bootaybag, Splendies doesn’t put up monthly previews on their website.  It was a complete surprise opening the pretty red tissue paper, only knowing that there would be bikinis/cheekies/hipsters inside (since I went with the ‘no thongs’ option).  Here’s a quick rundown of all three pairs in my package…

Splendies June 2017 Review & Unboxing

splendies june 2017 review unboxing - underwear subscription

First Pair:

Splendies june 2017 review - Wilshire & Montana pantiesSplendies june 2017 underwear review - Wilshire & Montana Intimates

This first pair is from Wilshire & Montana Intimates. It features a unique dotted grid print with a lace trim detailing along the edges. The poly/spandex blend also makes them super stretchy and comfy.  Coverage is close to a cheeky.

Unfortunately, the sizing seems a bit off with these – they’re just a bit too loose, and don’t fit like an average medium.  In fact, when I lined these up against the other Wilshire & Montana pair (below), these were a good inch wider!  Maybe I got a faulty pair?  Either way, it’s shame because I love the style and print!

Second Pair:

Splendies june 2017 underwear review - Wilshire & Montana IntimatesSplendies june 2017 review - Wilshire & Montana underwear 5

The second pair is also from Wilshire & Montana.  It has contrasting ivory lace detailing in the front, and a full lace back. Coverage is between a bikini and a cheeky.  They’re made of a nylon/spandex blend so they have a bit of stretch, and best of all, they’re super soft and comfy.  They are my favorite pair out of the three for their true-to-size fit, design, and comfort.

Third Pair:

Splendies june 2017 review - Youmita underwearSplendies june 2017 review - Youmita underwear

The last pair is from a brand called Youmita.  They’re all black with a unique striped lace detailing all around the edges.  They feature a blend of rayon and spandex, so again, another soft and stretchy pair.  The coverage is like your typical bikini in the back, but around the waist they are very low-cut.  On me, these aren’t the most comfortable just because of how low they sit – but otherwise, I do love the style.

splendies june 2017 review unboxing - underwear subscription

Overall, I loved the style and quality of each panty in my June Splendies pack, especially the two from Wilshire & Montana.  The only one downside for me was sizing.  Even still, I may try out another month of Splendies, in the hopes of having slightly better luck.

In the meantime, if you’ve tried Splendies, let me know how it worked out for you in the comments!  Did you have any problems with fit like I had?

Interested in signing up? Visit Splendies.com here, and use code ‘SPLENDIES‘ to save $4 off your 1st month!



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