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current favorites: bloggers and youtubers

I’ve been visiting blogs for the past 10 years now (wow, time flies!) and have stumbled upon various different kinds – from travel to food to makeup.  Occasionally, some will stand out to me and I’ll revisit them again and again to get inspiration.  Most often, I find myself subscribing to style and travel blogs, hence, my three favorite bloggers all fall into those categories!

My Favorite Bloggers

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Hapa Time – Jessica (aka Hapa Time) has amazing style.  I particularity admire how she mixes different bags, shoes, and accessories with her outfits to create really stunning looks.  Her outfits can sometimes be edgy, and other times elegant.  In my opinion, her blog is probably one of the best fashion blogs out there, with its high-quality photos, beautiful scenery, and (of course!) the trendy outfits.

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The Little Magpie – I stumped upon Amy’s blog while browsing through Chictopia one day and have been hooked since!  Her outfits drew me in (if I could copy any wardrobe, it would be hers!), and combined with the European scenery and exotic travel posts, I become a loyal follower. 🙂  Her style is probably the most inspiring to me – I love the slight edginess to her looks, mixed in with some bohemian flair.


Lovely By Lucy – Yet another fashion blog that drew me right away!  Lucy’s outfits are somewhat tom-boyish, and lean on the more comfortable side (you’ll rarely see her wearing heels), which I can relate to.  I love dressing up occasionally, but for the most part, I’m more often than not sporting the jean, t-shirt, sneakers look myself.  Plus, I equally love the simplicity and look of a straight black, white, and grey wardrobe, which makes up most of her looks.

My Favorite YouTubers

I’m not a huge YouTube-watcher, but over the years, I’ve picked up a few favorites here and there – ones that offer refreshing, helpful, or just plain interesting content.  My subscriptions touch on a range of channel categories – from beauty to music to even relaxation vids!  Here are some of my all-time favorites – one’s that I typically watch every week.

Grav3yardGirl – Grav3yardGirl is probably the most entertaining vlogger to watch on YouTube. (I still can’t believe she has 5 million+ subscribers!  I remember watching her back when it was only about 1/5 of that, which is still impressive.)  Her success proves that there is a real need for people that don’t take makeup and beauty too serious, and instead just have fun with it.  Grav3yardGirl, aka Bunny, is honest and real (and maybe even a tad eccentric). She’s not afraid to go out with makeup, and she’s playful about their flaws. Heck, she even points them out on camera!

I also love the message she sends to her “Swamp family”, which is pretty straight and simple – accept yourself, be you, and just have fun (sounds easy, but in this day-and-age, when cosmetic surgery and wearing layers of makeup is a growing trend, it’s especially hard for girls/women to be self-accepting and confident in who they are, flaws and all.  But she seems to be shattering that trend for all her followers.)

emilynoel83 – She is probably my go-to beauty/makeup guru.  I love how she covers the full range of makeup available on the market, from drugstore brands to more high-end makeup.  Her looks aren’t too ‘over-done’, but lean more on the natural side.  (She doesn’t do all that extra contouring and heavy highlighting that you see so many other beauty bloggers/YouTubers doing.  You know, to re-create the whole Kim Kardashian look.)  Her product and beauty reviews are honest and useful, and I feel like I can trust her opinion and expertise in makeup when it comes to deciding where to spend my money!

Dave Days – Of course, my favorite musician on YouTube is my brother Dave! We’ve always liked the same music for the most part, and it’s been such a huge part of both our lives (his, more obviously!). Growing up with him, I’ve gotten to see how his music has evolved through the years, and am so happy to see others enjoying his music as well.  I love the video production in his videos, and combined with his humor (especially in his parody videos), it’s always enjoyable to watch him!

GentleWhispering – And finally, a little ASMR relaxation. I recently discovered Maria’s videos this year after Googling “brain tingles”.  I experience these ‘tingles’ every so often, mostly while hearing gentle voices, getting face massages, and watching very slow, attentive demonstrations (just to name a few!).  I was surprised that they not only had a name for it (ASMR, or Autonomous sensory meridian response), but there were also thousands of other people that said they experience the same sensations!  Even if you don’t get these sensations, her videos are a great way to relax you and help you fall asleep. 🙂

Who are your favorite bloggers and Youtubers?


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