Lipstick That Lasts All Day? | LipSense by SeneGence Review

Lipsense by SeneGence review plumeria (7 of 9)

Lipstick isn’t a huge part of my everyday makeup routine, mainly because it’s always been a constant struggle for me to keep it looking fresh.  On a daily basis I bite my lips, sip tea, snack, etc, to the point that I find myself doing touch-ups or re-applying almost every hour.

I do however love the look of lipstick.  I’ve just been waiting for the day when someone would finally invent lip color that lasted – truly lasted – through all the wear and tear of my daily routine.  I never actually thought that day would come, but sure enough, I started to see reviews for new ‘smear-proof’, long-lasting lipsticks (starting with Youtube Beauty Blogger Tati’s review of the Lip Ink kits).  Then I discovered LipSense by SeneGence through Instagram, and after checking out their huge color selection and ingredient-conscious formulations, I decided to give it a try – here is my honest review and first experience using the LipSense Starter Kit.

What is LipSense?

LipSense by Senegence is said to be a smear-proof, water-proof, budge-proof, kiss-proof, long-wear lipstick.  Its lasting abilities are a result of Senegence’s patented super-adhesive lip color formula, a multi-layered lip color process, and sealing ‘top coats’ (aka glosses).

The Lipsense collection of colors and glosses is quite expansive.  There are currently 70+ shades of the Lipsense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colors available, plus a number of topcoat gloss options (including matte, rose, pearl, glitter, and even diamond finishes).  And because of the 2-3 step layering process, they give you the option to combine different colors and create completely unique shades and combos.

Lipsense lip colors also contain cosmetic-grade alcohol, which has two benefits: 1) it prevents bacteria build-up in the product tubes, and 2) it exfoliates your lips and removes build-up leftover from other products (enough so that it supposedly restores and revitalizes your lips after 1-4 weeks of using the product daily).  And finally, their products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Lipsense by SeneGence review plumeria (7 of 9)

Lipsense by SeneGence review plumeria (7 of 9)

LipSense’s Application Instructions

The key to Lipsense’s long-lasting abilities is partly in the whole layering process.  Three coats of lip color (two for lighter colors) is what Senegence recommends.  Add the gloss on top to further lock in the color as well as provide moisture, and you’ve got a (somewhat length) application process that goes something like this:

  1. Prep lips by cleansing them – removing any lip balm or other leftover products.
  2. Begin by applying the Lipsense lip color, in three thin coats (allowing each layer a few seconds to dry in between).  Swipe the brush from one corner of the lip to the other without rubbing the applicator back and forth.
  3. Finish with a topcoat gloss to seal in the color and also hydrate the lips.
  4. Clean up any mistakes with the Ooops! Remover.

Is the Oops! Remover Absolutely Necessary?

The Oops! Remover can be used to 1) correct any application mistakes and 2) remove the lip color at the end of the day.  However, from my experience, it’s not absolutely necessary.  I’ve found that regular soap and water, and even your standard makeup wipes work just as well (I’ve had luck with both Clean & Clear’s wipes and Dickinson’s wipes). You can also get away with using a Q-tip and some soap and water to fix minor mistakes during the application process.  The Oops! Remover does however come in handy if you travel a lot and/or frequently apply your lipstick on-the-go.

Lipsense by SeneGence instructions and how to

My LipSense Review

For my first go, I tried out LipSense’s Starter Kit, which came with one Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color (I picked the shade Plumeria), along with a clear Moisturizing Gloss and the Oops! Remover.

The Application Process

Since I’m more of a lip balm/tint wearer, I initially found the whole LipSense application process to be a bit difficult.  It took me some time to get used to drawing in my lips not only neatly, but also in one quick swipe. (Why is this so important?  Because the lip color starts out sticky, and if you run the brush over the same spot a second time before it dries, it can lift off some of the product and create a patchy look.)

After some practice, I came up with a system: First, I’ll angle the lip color wand along one side of my cupid’s bow, and then swipe out to the corner of my lips. Then I’ll do the exact same thing with the other side.  Finally, I’ll do one quick swipe along the bottom lip (the easy part).  I’ll repeat these steps to build up coats, moving the wand closer in with each step to cover the middle of my lips.

The good news is that even if you don’t get the first layer right, most of the lip colors are so opaque that you can easily make corrections with the next layer, or third layer.  (And any out-of-line mistakes can be fixed with the Oops! Remover/soap+water once you’re all done.)  Sometimes I’ll even cheat a bit and dab the color on my lips with the wand and then (quickly – like within 1-2 seconds) smooth it out with my finger.  Surprisingly, this works just fine and still gives me even coverage.

Also, I don’t always use the full 3 coats. Sometimes I’ll do 1-2 coats with the lighter shades (like Cappuccino, Apple Cider, and First Love) since they tend to be more pigmented.  Or, occasionally I’ll use 1-2 if I just want sheerer coverage (however, as you might expect, this does shorten their wear time).

What Are the Formulas Like?

The formula of the LipSense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color is that of a liquid lipstick, only a little thinner and runnier.  It’s also quite sticky due to the product’s adhesive ingredients.  After the full 2-3 coats (plus a top coat), as you might expect, the wear isn’t the most comfortable (nothing like the cushiony, lightweight feel of the Anastasia Beverley Hills or Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks, if you happen to have tried them out).  However, after some experimenting, I discovered that by applying the thinnest and least amount of coats possible (but still enough for full coverage), you can get the feeling of almost weightless wear.  The lip color is also surprisingly flexible, and easily moves with your lips as your stretch them out without cracking.

One important thing to note is that all LipSense lip colors contain cosmetic grade alcohol to prevent the growth of bacteria in your tubes.  This can cause unpleasant side effects if you have dry or chapped lips.  Just like putting alcohol on a wound, you’ll feel a slight tingling/burning sensation when the alcohol comes in contact with any broken skin, which typically lasts around 5-10 seconds.  To prevent this, it’s important to take extra care of your lips – that means always keeping your lips moisturized and smooth.

Now to the top coats.  Their main purpose is to seal in the lip color, but they also provide a healthy dose of hydration that supposedly penetrates through the lip color to reach your lips.  They can even be used alone to add shine and moisturize the lips, as they’re formulated similar to a balm. All the glossy top coats provide these benefits (Matte being the only exception), but probably the most hydrating gloss is the Moisturizing (or “Glossy”) Gloss which comes with all starter kits just for that reason.

Lipsense by SeneGence review plumeria (7 of 9)

Lipsense by SeneGence review plumeria (7 of 9)

LipSense Wear Test

Impressively, upon the initial application, the LipSense lip color is completely kiss-proof, smudge-proof, and waterproof, just as it claims.  During the first 3-4 hours of wear, it was bulletproof and lasted through drinking, talking, and even a few quick smooches – with no transferring.

Even after 5-6 hours, the color was still looking as fresh as when I had first applied it.  The gloss, however, had pretty much worn off and I was starting to notice a little bit of flaking around the corners of my lips.  (I later learned that this is part of the natural exfoliation process that occurs when you first start using LipSense, and it eventually stops once the formula has removed all the dry skin/build up from wax-based products.)

It wasn’t until 8 hours later, just after a large and greasy meal, that the lip color really started to break down around the inner part of my lip.  If you think about it, that sort of makes sense since the lipstick remover itself is in fact oil-based – so how do you avoid this?  I contacted my distributor and she gave me this tip – apply the topcoat/gloss just prior to eating, as it helps create a barrier between the food and minimize fading.

Lipsense by SeneGence review plumeria (1 of 1)

Wearing the LipSense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color in ‘Plumeria’ + Moisturizing gloss.  Plumeria is a bright red-pink with some blue tones.

Lipsense by SeneGence review plumeria swatch

Initial application of the LipSense lip color in “Plumeria” + Gloss

Lipsense by SeneGence review before and after

First sign of significant wear after around 8 hours, following a large and greasy meal. Most of the color lasted, expect for the very inner part of my lips. However, we’re definitely in need of another coat/re-application here!

Lesson Learned – Wear the Gloss!

After continuing to test out LipSense for a full week, I learned that the key to making the color last all day is the top coat gloss – it needs applied frequently – every 4-5 hours or so.  It’s not just there to add shine and re-hydrate – it really does help to coat and protect the base layers of color for longer wear.

So Does LipSense Really Last All Day?

You may have come across reviews (typically from distributors) where they share photos of their LipSense lasting all day – sometimes going as far as wearing while they sleep, brush their teeth, and then some, just to prove how long it lasts. But how realistic is this?  In my case, average wear time is typically anywhere from 6-12 hours, and tends to vary based on a few factors, including:

  • how often I eat and drink throughout the day (and also the type of food I eat – greasy/oily foods can be a little risky)
  • how often I re-apply the gloss top coat (I try to aim for 5-6 hours, and always apply right before meals)
  • how much wax, dry skin, and build-up is on my lips (which is why it’s important to apply LipSense to clean, exfoliated lips)

Final Thoughts on LipSense

Overall, LipSense lipstick definitely does rank as one of the longer-wearing lipsticks currently on the market.  What is most impressive to me is that it lasts through touching, rubbing, chatting, and drinking once it’s initially set, and outlasts all my other lipsticks.

The only downsides to LipSense, in my opinion, are that:

  1. The formula isn’t the most comfortable to wear (but applying the thinnest coats possible seems to solve this).
  2. Frequent re-glossing is a must.
  3. The application process can be somewhat lengthy (and also take some practice, especially if you’re a lip balm-wearer, or swipe-and-go kinda gal like myself).

All-in-all though, as more of a minimalist when it comes to makeup, I don’t wear Lipsense everyday purely because of the application process (sometimes I just want a ‘swipe-and-go’ kinda lip product, especially on busy mornings).  However, for special occasions and going out, that’s when I’ll reach for my Lipsense. It performs amazingly well whenever I’m out having drinks and/or a light meal. Not to mention, it gives me peace of mind knowing that it’s not going to smear all over my martini glass.  And 9 times out of 10, it will stay put and look 100% fresh after an entire evening out. 🙂

Lipsense can be purchased from a Senegence distributor. 

Tip: You can also find discontinued & discounted colors over on Amazon and eBay (where retired distributors often sell off their leftover stock) 

Update – New Colors!

I ended up ordering a few more colors and glosses from Senegence after my initial test run, and thought I’d update this post with two of my favorite everyday-wearable combos!

Lipsense in Apple Cider with glossy top coat

Lipsense in Violette with Orchid Gloss top coat

Lipsense in Violette with Orchid Gloss top coat

Lipsense in Caramel Apple with Orchid Gloss top coat

And here’s my (still growing) collection after several months and how I store them.

lipsense lipstick acrylic organizer amazon

I found this very sturdy acrylic organizer on Amazon that fits 23 tubes total.  I love that it also conveniently shows all the lipstick labels!  (You can also find some pretty unique Lipsense display cases over on Etsy.)

Have you tried Lipsense?

What are your thoughts on Lipsense’s formula and longevity?






  • Wow, this is amazing!! Lipstick is a pain to wear when it smudges off but this sounds brilliant!

    Parie x

    • It’s definitely quite innovative, and surprisingly lives up to its claims! I could see this replacing all my lipsticks in the future 😉

    • LeAnn Lipps Robertson

      Was a distributor. I got out because mine never lasted more than 2 to 3 hours and was constantly peeling away from my water line.

  • Ashley Nadeau

    I found this formula to be so harsh on my lips! It burns so bad even after trying it everyday for 2 weeks! I even got a cold sore why trying this out. Total waste of 55.00 and not to mention the smell is so strong and bad. However, the gloss is BOMB!

    • auntbitsy

      Unless you were using a used product, lip color of any kind can’t cause cold sores – they are viral. If you had one coming on or other breaks in the skin and irritations, then the burn would make sense. That’s a bummer, though – because man does it last!

      • MrsMe

        It may not cause you to get cold sores but it can trigger them. Sun exposure, hormones, dentists, pretty much anything that stresses your lips. I’ve had some facials were they recommend you take Valtrex prior to and during the treatment to try and keep a flare up at bay.

    • Lachelle Renee Nalani Banks

      Just wanted to chime in here- I haven’t gotten a cold sore in years, however in the time span of 4 weeks, I got 2 cold sores back to back!! Only a week in between healed lips! (And that’s because I didn’t use it the whole time I had the first cold sore!) I know cold sores are not caused by products, because we have the virus already, but what is this product doing to our lips to break it down so much that it brings this virus to the surface?! In fact THIS is the reason why I’m reading about Lipsense today! To see if anyone else had my experience!

      • Kim McManus

        I uses a lip gloss that contained some products that plumps up your lips. I did get cold sores from that my whole top lip.

      • Khristen Januchowski Snow

        Wow! So glad to find I’m not the only one who has issues with cold sores following the use of Lipsense. I wanted so badly to love this product. Unfortunately I’m prone to cold sores and the “exfoliation” process was the perfect storm to cause an outbreak. I even attempted to only use glossy gloss for 2 weeks…no other products, at the advice of my distributor friend and promptly after using the color for 2 bottom lip broke out in cold sores. I feel awful but this product is not for me and she has offered a refund.

      • Carrie

        I hardly ever get cold sores! But after using lip sense (2 mos later) I still can’t get rid of this rash, redness and cracked lips that are all over my lips. SO bad that I am going to a dermatologist to see what the heck I can do to get rid of this red rash-like sores all over my lips! It’s been 2 mos since I’ve used it and hey seem to be healing but then, bam! again they turn bright red and burn like the first day I used it! I have not been able to use any kind of lip stick since I wore lip sense. Sorry this stuff stinks!

      • Sasha Smith

        Same here. I wore once no problem. I bought a new color opened it wore one time and boom my whole bottom lip swells and is covered in 3 huge blisters. Day two of the blisters and I’m still miserable and swollen.

    • Rose Mort

      I had the same reaction. I thought it was cold sores too, but it didn’t go away when I used Abreva and Carmex. I tried Abreva, Carmex, Dermatop, Bactroban, Vitamin E oil, Cocoa butter, and Hydrocortisone Cream. The only product that worked for me is hydrocortisone cream. It takes a long time for it to go away.

  • Jessica Hyde

    I can’t believe it burned that bad. The very first time I applied it I felt pretty much no discomfort at all. There was a tiny itty bitty sting but no more than a plumping lipstick…. I work in an office setting all day and I have to reapply lipstick constantly but even after eating I didn’t/don’t have to reapply.

    • Muffin0326

      I am actually a distributor now but at first I have to admit it burned. However I had chronic very very dry cracked lips. The burning stopped within days of use and after a week I have never had chapped lips since. I’m a believer for sure!

      • Lisa Beard Chapman

        do you have to apply the gloss as much as you do the drug store versions??

        • Muffin0326

          The glossy gloss is really thick so no. With meals and all maybe 3 times total In a day to night for me and I’m a lip licker/ chewer. And it’s clear so no guess work, just swipe it on and good to go. I have some of the matte gloss but haven’t tried it yet.

          • LeAnn Lipps Robertson

            Glossy gloss for me was 8 or 9 times a day and the stuff wouldn’t stay on even when I cleaned my lips with witch hazel.

          • Amber Amezcua

            Maybe you were applying it too much?

          • LeAnn Lipps Robertson

            No each layer was super thin. I wiped the applicator off very carefully. I saw a video on YouTube where this one distributor stuffed cotton pads all in her mouth around her lips to DRY out her waterline enough to keep the color on for 3 hours. That’s ridiculous.

          • Mistie Schubert

            I started out as a non-believer and won a discount on a kit on a distributors page. I was hooked instantly! My first color was Kiss For A Cause. I applied it around 10am and throughout eating candy, treats, drinking from a bottle (it was Halloween), bumping into stuff while with my youngest in the Haunted Houses, smiling for selfie shots with him, kisses, was STILL bright when we got home 12 hours later. Yes I applied the Glossy frequently because I like the moisture & shine and yes, the color had begun to break down a bit..mostly my water line, but definitely not to wear another person I was around noticed it! Matter of fact I received so many compliments!! I was never a big lip color wearer..I loved my VS gloss. Period. Now..I am a distributor and am beyond in love with LipSense AND all the other products. I am not a gullible yes I didn’t believe any of the long-lasting talk until I saw it for myself! As a matter of fact, I recently put the “water-proof” & “swim-proof” claims to the test. I applied full “SeneFace” (foundation, ShadowSense on my lids & brows), LipSense, LashSense, BlushSense) and got in the shower..washed my hair as I would normally – got out – still looked great! No smears or smudges & my brows were still on 😉 Later I went swimming..full dive..came up & asked my friend if all was still in place which she said it was..I wasn’t sure so I got out and looked in the mirror- yup all good! Lasted that day from 12 Noon until 230am!!!

          • dawnwilson

            LeAnn, do you use a lot of balms? They will keep the products from doing their job and repel them. I was a HUGE lip balm user, lipsticks of all kinds and prices. It took almost 2 months for LipSense to remove all the wax and to finally get through the exfoliation process. Now my lips are smooth and more plump, no burning, no problems with application or wear. I do apply the gloss fairly frequently, maybe 4-6x a day. I also use the LipSense Moisturizing Balm at night or if I’ve been out in the sun/wind. My skin in general is sensitive.

          • LeAnn Lipps Robertson

            No I hadn’t worn anything on my lips in over a year. Not even lip gloss. The stuff didn’t work for me and the OS issue has been ongoing for a VERY LONG time. Not just recently.

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  • Ashley Nadeau

    The product was brand new, it had the taped seal. I do have sensitive lips. I can’t even drink out of styrofoam cups as that causes a reaction and I get a cold sore as well. Every time! It does suck because of the longevity of this product but I just can’t test it again.

    • Tara Moreland

      I have sensitive lips as well so I know what you are going through. You need to start taking Lysine. It is in the vitamin section at stores. This will help you from getting cold sores all the time.

      • dawnwilson

        Tara, thank you for that comment. I haven’t had this issue, nor have any of my customers, but now I know what advice to offer! ty!

        • Tara Moreland

          I haven’t had any problems using the lipstick at all. I have been using it for about four months now. Great product!!

    • Khristen Januchowski Snow

      I agree..this product isn’t for everyone, especially those of us with super sensitive lips and prone to cold sores. I’ve tested this out for a month now and had 3 outbreaks of sores. The only reprieve I had was when I was only using the glossy gloss without the color.

  • LeAnn Lipps Robertson

    No longer 70 shades. At most 7 or 8 available. Constant out of stock issues with no end in sight.

    • Shawn Midura Headley

      I’ve got 38 colors in stock currently and I only started 3 months ago. If you need a color, contact me!

    • dawnwilson

      Because they have grown 2000% in the last year and are having to build new production facilities. It’s getting better. Supposed to be fully up and functional with everything available by Fall 2017. Love it!

      • Faux Gibbler

        When they grow that fast — obviously don’t have consultant interest at heart.

    • Diana Cooley- Naber

      We are up to 30 colors in stock now! if you need a color give me a holler

      • Faux Gibbler

        You still selling this stuff?

        • Diana Cooley- Naber

          I am do you need to order something?

          I am responsible for the concept of this message. Unfortunately, autocorrect is responsible for the content.

  • Olivia Eldridge

    I absolutely love it!!!! My favorite lip color is red but I don’t wear it due to reapplying all the time and I can’t smooch my love. Now I can wear lipsense and no worries!!!! It does tingle but so do most products when they do their job. I also reapply gloss regularly just cause I love the moisture and shine. No more than I did with my Victoria secret gloss. I’m addicted! Literally the best lip color I have ever used. ❤️️

  • Michelle Luttmann

    Do you mind if I use the first photo on my distributor page?

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  • Nina Kristine Figlestahler
  • Kelley Robbins

    Is the GLOSS “permanent” or just the COLOR? As in, does the gloss come off on the rims of drinking glasses, etc.?

    • The gloss isn’t ‘permanent’/long-lasting and does not contain the same adhesive ingredients as the lip colors, so yes, it does come off on glasses, though gradually.

  • 41kfeet

    I really want to love this product, but wanting to just isn’t enough. I asked my “dealer” for matte, but received glossy. When I said something she didn’t even offer to fix her mistake. I hate glossy lipstick, it feels tacky, though I do like the look of glossy. I decided to give it a shot even though I received the wrong product.

    At first it really dried my lips out, that did slightly decrease. My main reason for dropping this product though was it’s horrendous taste! It ruined anything I ate, God forbid I accidentally lick my lips. Second to that, after an hours use my lips would start to appear splotchy, multiple times I was told I have something on my lip, only to find out it was caked up lip gloss. The product is advertised as it lasts all day, but you have to apply a top coat every half hour. Im sure some LipSense dealers are thinking to themselves, she didn’t apply it properly! Well how many darn YouTube video’s do I need to watch to confirm my application technique is correct? Then they will tell you “Oh, it’s the color”, It’s your bodies PH”or “must be an old tube”, stop making excuses! I don’t have splotchiness, terrible taste or dry lips with any other lipstick. Why do so many people complain of the same issues repeatedly? I can get my YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick to last all day without a top coat, it even costs less. Tom Ford Lip Color Matte is a close second.

    I love that this product has brought some financial benefit to my friends, but that’s not enough for me to give it a decent review.

  • Ashley Nadeau

    Shoot, I really wish I had known this. I literally threw it away after the disappointment.

  • Helen Melnyk

    Don’t waste your money…. it doesn’t even stay on for more than 2 hours not 18 hours as advertised. The representative told me to contact coorporate and coorporate told me to contact the sales representative. total waste of money. Awful company to work with.

    • Rosiana E. N

      need banner ads? please visit this link and take a look another gig thank you

    • Hi Helen! I am so sorry so you were treated this way. I work for Lipsense (SeneGence) and that is NOT how business is supposed to be done. I hate you walked away with such a bad taste in your mouth. I’d like to change this if possible. I don’t believe your rep gave you good information. Please email me. I believe I can change your mind.

    • Mimi Mitchell

      i have to agree…it definitely doesn’t stay on long..I even tried all the you tube instructions

  • Micro Dot

    So glad I read all these comments before trying… I knew it sounded too good to be true… I’ve tried other long lasting lip liquids and they felt like parchment on my lips. I figured this would be similar and it seems I was right.

    • April Simkins

      see my post above

  • Barbara Soltero

    It does last almost all day but It made my lips super dry and I also developed cold sores from the dryness I even applied gloss several times during the day, I feel the product is not worth the $ or maybe it’s just not made for everyone.

  • April Simkins

    im happy with my drugstore Revlon Colorstay.

  • April Simkins

    I’ve had the Kat Von D liquid lip color and it smells funky. i tossed in the trash. Seriously. revlon colorstay liquid with brush, not the regular tube, is amazing

  • Faux Gibbler

    This stuff is horrible. Odd the reviewer got new colors miraculously…

  • bakerds

    I’ve been wearing lipsticks and glosses nearly daily for 40 years. I’ve bought long lasting products before that worked and some that didn’t — LipSense is by far the the most expensive fail, primarily because it doesn’t last more than a few hours, which is the only reason I can think of to spend more than $50 for the ‘kit’ in the first place. Even the tips that were included said that gloss needed to be reapplied several times a day — if I have to reapply gloss, I’ll just reapply my favorite $12 lipstick. And the idea that the ‘flaking’ is just healthy exfoliation because you’ve been using the wrong product is, I’m sorry, crazy. I haven’t had any flaking with this product (must have had pretty healthy lips – haha) but I’ve seen cracking and drying (feathering), which is common to most any product that lasts long. The gloss does help that, but again I have to reapply often. But the biggest concern I have is the initial burning — pain tells me something isn’t right. Within a week of purchase, I developed a very sensitive tongue and inside my mouth around my lips — I didn’t immediately connect the dots but now I am wondering based on other reviews if the LipSense is the issue. I immediately quit using the product daily but the mouth sensitivity hasn’t gone away completely, so perhaps it has been caused by something else. I still wanted to mention it in case anyone else has had the same issue while using LipSense. Never-the-less, just the fact that the product doesn’t last as promised, I just don’t see the “sense”. I’ll continue to use the gloss until it is gone — the Oops remover hasn’t even been needed — so I will keep it for some other life hack.

  • Naomi de Bord

    money goes to trump

  • Rosiana E. N

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  • Nadine Hanscom

    I purchased this product and extremely unhappy with the product, and unfortunately when I contacted the distributor she choose to ignore my calls, so unprofessional, don’t waste your money. Product feels awful on and drying to lips waste of money.

  • Laura Jean

    This stuff is horrible! Believe me, I did EVERTHING needed to make sure this lasted-exfoliated, balm first, made sure I applied thin coats. Anyways, I wore the bright red color for a night out in Vegas and within 15 minutes, it looked like total garbage. Also, it makes your lips feel HORRIBLY dry! I had to throw it away because I couldn’t get a refund. Garbage.

    • Amy Vasil

      If you put a balm on first, the lipstick won’t adhere and will quickly wear off. You’re meant to have clean, dry lips so that the colour can stick.

  • I actually love this product and my friend Whittney @ is an awesome consultant!

  • TubeSurferGeek

    Why would you want something that is designed to not wear off? Sounds like it would be harsh and not good for your skin.

    The manufacturer knows that older women have more money and are overly concerned about their age and that they’re willing to spend extra money on the latest snake oil just to try to look a bit younger.
    Ladies! It doesn’t work!