Jewelry Trends for 2016 | My Top Picks

Now that we’re making our way well into 2016, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite jewelry trends of the year so far.  These trends have been popping up on the runways, celebrity events, and even on my favorite fashion blogs.  So without further ado, here are my top jewelry trend picks for this year.

1. Crystals and natural stones

stella dot
Source: Stella & Dot

Natural stones and crystals add an organic touch to any look.  They’re personally my go-to for quick casual everyday looks with an added bohemian edge.  I like to pair a long crystal pendant with a tee, wear a pair of druzy stud earrings, or incorporate a hammered cuff with natural stones for a more grounded, raw, and earthy feel.

2. Earring cuffs and crawlers

Baublebar Mohawk Ear Duo
Source: Baublebar

Ear jackets and cuffs have been around for a while, only now we’re going bigger in 2016.  Bigger and more detailed, by throwing in a new combination of gems, pearls, and shapes, like this Mohawk Ear Duo for Baublebar, which cover the full ear with an exotic glam look.

3. Stacked rings

Fashionest Label Nouveau Stacked RingSource: Fashionest

Stacked rings are probably the easiest trend to pull off.  There are a range of styles out there to fit everyone’s style, plus there are a lot of affordable options too, like the Nouveau Stacked Ring set from Fashionest.  You can mix and match styles, and even sizes – from regular to midi – making it even more fun to personalize your look.

4. Fringed statement pieces

Fashionest Label Mirror Fringe Necklace (1 of 1)-3
Fashionest Label Mirror Fringe Necklace

This has become one of my latest favorite trends, ever since I was introduced to Fashionest’s Label Mirror Fringe Necklace*, a gorgeous bib statement necklace that features a stunning mix of chain lengths that are 14K gold plated.  While we’re on the topic, I have to say, since discovering Fashionest’s jewelry, I’ve been hooked.  Their pieces are exceptionally high quality, and for the prices, you just can’t beat it.  Most of their pieces average around $40-$50, with some as low as the $20 range.  They also offer more intricate pieces in the $100-$200 range, which brings me to my next favorite jewelry trend of 2016.

5. Romantic detailing and motifs

Feminine silhouettes and motifs. Many spring fashions speak to super-feminine looks such as ruffles and lingerie and motifs such as flowers, so accessories should be equally soft. Think cabochons, a continued use of fringe, deconstructed or blown-out forms (like the plaid trend), bows, tiny charms, and sweetly styled shapes such as half moons. Darya London Autumn NecklaceSource: Fashionest

Fashionest again captures this trend with their range of romantic and ultra-feminine statements, like the Darya London Autumn Necklace.  I personally love to mix soft, feminine details like flowers and pearls with more edgy ones like spikes and raw stones.  And if large statement necklaces aren’t your thing, you can tone it down by playing with smaller accents like bows, charms, and feminine shapes like hearts, flowers, moons, and more.

If you’re interested in picking up some of these styles, definitely check out Fashionest’s website.  If you find anything you like, you can use the code ‘JESS20‘ to get 20% off!

What are your favorite jewelry trends for 2016?

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