The Goodbeing Non-Toxic Beauty Box: March 2018 Review & Unboxing

Goodbeing March 2018 review 3

“You are a unique collection of cells and energy that will never again be recreated on this planet earth. In that way alone, you are worthy.” – Jacob Geers

I just returned from my two-week trip to San Fran yesterday, and was welcomed home by a huge stack of packages in my apartment.  Needless to say, I’m a little behind on reviews and subscription box unboxings, so I figured I’d jump right in by sharing my Goodbeing box for this month!

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For March, I opted for the full-on beauty box (as opposed to the beauty & lifestyle box).  Under the little quote card were two of my own product picks, plus three additional products carefully selected by the Goodbeing team to fit my member profile.  Here’s a look at everything inside my personalized box for this month…

artnaturals Black Peel Off Face Mask review 3

**Box Favorite** artnaturals Black Peel Off Face Mask (Full size, Value: $13) – I’ve always wanted to try out of these ‘gunk-extracting’ peel off masks.  Thanks to my oily T-zone, blackheads and clogged pores are a common struggle of mine, so I can take whatever help I can get.   After reading all the reviews of this mask on Amazon, I was skeptical as to whether or not this would work.  Surprisingly for me, even after my first go, it really did perform!

artnaturals Black Peel Off Face Mask 3

Seems the trick is to apply this to 100% dry skin, in one thick layer, then stop and let it dry.  Peeling it off was easy, and wasn’t painful in the least bit, nor did it make a mess.  Afterwards, I took a peek at the underside of the mask and saw a bunch of those tiny standing pieces of gunk that had been pulled straight out from my pores!  Best of all, it did it gently.  Overtime, I could definitely see this improving the clarify of my skin!  (Check out my full review and results here!)

bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Foundation in Ivory 1

bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Foundation (Deluxe size, Value: ~$29) – This was one of two products I selected for myself this month.  I’m a big fan of mineral foundation – I currently use Everyday Minerals‘, which is so far my favorite, though I’m always looking to try out new formulas and brands.  This one by bellapierre is supposed to be a 5-in-1 deal, working as you concealer, foundation, SPF, setting powder, and finishing powder.

I do love its silky, smooth texture, and how it leaves behind a light veil of color with a soft focus, satin-like finish that never looks dry or powdery.  The only downside for me so far is the lack of coverage – it’s enough to cover mild redness, though not enough to hide blemishes, or any other imperfections.  Between that and the satiny finish, I think I may just end up using this as a setting/finishing powder.

When it comes to shades, unfortunately the one I chose ended up being too light – I went with Ivory (a very pale yellow, suited skin that’s ‘light with yellow undertones’) because I’m in-between light and medium, but I feel like I should I gone up to the ‘Medium’ range.  The ‘Light’ shades seem more fit for ‘Fair’ skin tones.

Bonnie Rejuvenating Facial Serum review 2

**Box Favorite** Bonnie Rejuvenating Facial Serum (Travel size, Value: $9) – Lately I’ve been experimenting more and more different serums, in the hopes of finding one to boost my current skincare routine with some pore minimizing and anti-aging benefits.  This one is formulated to do the latter using 100% naturally derived ingredients including fruit peptides, algae extracts, Spanish lavender extract and more.  They all work together to visibly tighten, lift, and smooth skin.

I’m beyond impressed so far – I applied it to my neck and it transformed my skin, from rough to baby soft and smooth – I couldn’t stop touching it! And judging by the results timeline when it comes to wrinkle reduction (which you can find on this page) it looks very promising… this just may be a new skincare staple for me, plus the price is amazing for what you get!

Bedrock Porefector review

Bedrock Porefector (Deluxe size, Value: $14) – Speaking of pore minimizing, here’s a treatment formulated improve tone and texture, reduce redness, minimize imperfections all without stripping or drying your skin.  Using 30% zinc oxide, plus rosehip oil, arrowroot tapioca, tea tree oil and clary sage, it refreshes and detoxifies the pores while absorbing oils.  I love that it also works as a mattifying primer for daily wear, though because it leaves a slight white cast to the skin, it’s probably best to use this only on trouble spots where you plan to apply makeup.  Now this little packet may look small, but it actually contains ~60% of the product found in the full-size, so I expect it to last at least a month used as a spot treatment!

Shea Radiance Antioxidant Body Cream with Shea & Baobab Oil review 1

Shea Radiance Antioxidant Body Cream with Shea & Baobab Oil (Deluxe size, Value: ~$7) – It may be spring, but I can always use a good body cream!  This one is enriched with 30% unrefined bio-active shea butter, baobab oil, coconut oil, aloe leaf juice, plus botanical extracts and marine actives that instantly quench and smooth even the roughest skin on my knees and elbows.  The rich, oil-rich cream absorbs quickly, leaving my skin soft and supple for hours on end.  I also love its subtle herbal scent featuring essentials oil like lavender, peppermint, and lemon.

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