Homemade Winter Soaps with D.I.Y. Collectives | Unboxing & Review

Update: Since writing this review, I’ve received a few complaints about D.I.Y. Collectives not sending people their subscription boxes, despite being charged on their credit cards.  Then, I experienced something similar while running a giveaway with D.I.Y. Collectives – they never shipped out the prizes to my giveaway winners.  They went as far as to send me the tracking information, but after a month, they were all cancelled.  The owner has since been unresponsive to my emails and Facebook messages.

I want to say that I’m deeply sorry for not doing my research before working with a brand.  As one reader brought to my attention, D.I.Y. Collectives once operated under Homegrown Collective (which their website still points to if you type in http://www.homegrowncollective.com/).  You can find out more about them here and here.

So as to not let this post go to waste, I’ve decided to update my review with tips on how to make your own DIY soaps at home – without a subscription box.  I’ll also be adding some kits from reliable sellers on Etsy further down below, in case you’re looking for a pre-packaged box of essentials.  

Stay tuned – the updates will be coming soon!

DIY Collectives review - winter soap box

Just like cooking up a homemade meal, I equally enjoy crafting my own beauty products from time to time.  There’s just something about working with your hands and creating something from scratch that makes it 10x more fun and enjoyable – whether it be a fresh, healthy meal or a natural body scrub or balm. 

Over the past couple of years, I’ve managed to build myself quite the little collection of dried flowers and herbs, bathing salts, clays, and essential oils – enough to make bath bombs, scrubs, steams, masks and more.  But one beauty product that I’ve always wanted to make, but never had the equipment or know-how to do, is a good old-fashioned all-natural bar of soap.  Fortunately, that’s what the folks over at D.I.Y. Collectives decided to cook up in their latest box!

DIY Collectives review - winter soap box DIY Collectives review - winter soap box

What is D.I.Y. Collectives?

D.I.Y. Collectives is a monthly subscription service that delivers a high-quality, easy-t0-follow DIY kit straight to your door, filled with everything you need to craft an all-natural body or skincare product.  Their boxes ship to the US and Canada, and subscriptions are $25 per month +$5 shipping ($20 per month with free shipping if you sign up for 12 months).

Here’s how it works:

  1. D.I.Y. Collectives comes up with a new DIY idea each month. They then work with experts to design hands-on projects for you to create at home. (Past projects have included DIY soaps & soaks, lotions & creams, toners, scrubs, detoxing masks & more.  You can check out their most recent ones here!)
  2. You pick a subscription plan, and then your first DIY Project will ship within 2-3 business days!
  3. Your DIY Project box will arrive at your door.  Inside you’ll find all the tools you need to craft something new, and even replace a”questionable” item in your household with an all-natural, non-toxic alternative!

“The DO IT YOURSELF COLLECTIVES are dedicated to providing its Members with products that foster self-sufficiency & promote environmental stewardship & sustainability.  We also hope to make the act of living a little bit safer/healthier/greener, a lot more accessible & a lot more FUN!”

DIY Collectives review - winter soap box

D.I.Y. Collectives Unboxing & Review

As I mentioned earlier, this month’s D.I.Y. Collectives box featured a recipe and kit filled with all-natural, organic ingredients to make two DIY winter-inspired soaps.  In the box, they included two soap bases (both soy-based and sulfate free), charcoal powder, 100% pure high-grade essential oils, molds, natural bits of pine and a loofah, and more – basically everything that you need to get started.  The only thing was missing was a knife to cut the soaps, and scissors to cut the loofah and pine, which I simply grabbed from my kitchen.

DIY Collectives review - winter soap box

The instructions were super simple and easy to follow, and all the prep work – from melting, mixing, and pouring – took about 30 minutes total.  The two soap bases were pre-made, so all you had to do was melt them in the microwave – super simple and mess free.

After pouring my soaps into the molds and letting them cool in the fridge for a few hours, I popped them out to reveal two beautiful wintry, rustic looking soaps…

DIY Collectives review - winter soap box

The first bar is a Luffa, Activated Charcoal & Peppermint soap.  It uses activated charcoal to gently draw out impurities and toxins from the skin.  The luffa in the middle also helps to gently exfoliate, making this a multi-tasking soap and scrub in one.

The second bar combines Ponderosa Pine & Eucalyptus for a soap plus decongestant.  The pine and eucalyptus essential oil gives it a rustic-fresh scent, which also helps clear up the sinuses!

They both look so pretty sitting in my bathroom, but at the same time, I really can’t wait to use them!


I’ve team up with the folks over at D.I.Y. Collectives to offer up a giveaway to two lucky readers!  Simply enter by completing one or more of the activities below!  (Giveaway ends March 6th at 11:59pm EST.  Open to US & Canada residents only. Winners will be announced here and also emailed directly on March 7th.)  Good luck! 🙂

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