10 Cute & Comfy Loungewear Dresses You Can Wear All Weekend Long

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Wearing the t-shirt dress here!  If you’re in between, I’d suggest sizing up size up (I’m usually a size XS in women’s dresses, but went with a size small for a comfy fit).  Also available in light grey!

If you’re anything like me, once the evening rolls around, I slip straight into cozy loungewear.  The same goes for lazy Saturdays when all I feel like doing as staying in bed and getting lost in a book.  (And that’s exactly what I did a couple weekends ago and it was wonderful!  I finished all of Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson – one of my favorite fantasy authors – with my cat cuddled up nearby, and it was just the break I needed).

There are all different types and style of loungewear out there, from short-shorts with cute patterns to soft tanks and baggy tees.  But one of my absolute favorites is the lounge dress.  It’s one simple piece that you can slip on and be ready to relax in literally seconds.  I also find them to be the most comfortable because they’re loose fitting all throughout the body – the waist especially.  They eliminate those annoying elastic waistbands that often come with yoga pants or sweatpants, and I never find myself having to adjust them throughout the day.

And the third reason I love lounge dresses?  They’re amazingly versatile.  They look presentable enough that can you feel confident walking out the door to pick up your mail, run some quick errands, or walk your pets.  And some styles transition perfectly into cute outfits for a casual Sunday brunch or movie date!

In the summer months especially, they are a must-have for beach vacations.  Slip one on before heading to breakfast in the morning.  Then after a day at the beach, use it as a bathing suit cover-up!

cute comfy lounge dresses on amazon

There are also sportier styles –  like the one I’m wearing here – that cross into the ‘athleisure’ realm.  These are perfect for summer camping and light hiking trips, paired up with a pair of sneakers and a baseball cap.  

No matter your style, there are so many different lounge dresses out there to choose from, in a range of lengths, colors, and fabrics.  Some of my personal favorite brands to shop are Daily Ritual, Alternative Apparel, and Z Supply.  You can find all of them over on Amazon, plus a number of pieces ship through the Prime Wardrobe (including this one!) so you can try out different styles/sizes at home and at no cost if you’re a Prime member!

Not a big Amazon shopper?  You can also shop Z Supply on their website here, as well as at Shopbop.  And Alternative Apparel is available directly on their website, as well as over at Nordstrom and Zappos.

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Shop more from Daily Ritual, Alternative Apparel & Z Supply on Amazon!

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Shop the look…

Do you enjoy wearing loungewear?  What’s your favorite style or brand to wear?


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