5 Ways to Start Your Mornings Right

5 ways to start your morning right

1. Get Excited About Your Day

Mornings can be tough, and if you’re anything like me, getting out of bed is the hardest part of all.  On days when I dream of laying in bed all day (which are most days!), I have to get my mind working a bit – in the positive direction – in order to get my body moving.  I find that it’s a little easier when you think of exciting things you have planned, or want to plan for that day.  For me, this may include taking photos, writing new blog posts, planning an evening hike, or going for a fun night out with the boyfriend.  Even better yet, think of an activity you have planned that helps you get closer to achieving your dream, like scheduling time at night to start writing your first book, or even getting out of bed a bit earlier so you can have time to work on your own projects.  If don’t have anything planned for that day in particular, think of your weekend plans or upcoming vacation!

Whatever it is that you find gets you motivated, picture yourself doing those activities.  Imagine the fun you’ll have, or the feeling of accomplishment you’ll have once your complete your goal(s).  Whatever it is that you choose to get you motivated, convince your mind and you’ll soon find that your body is anxious to get you there!

morning perfume

2. Spritz a Scent

Scents can have an instantaneous euphoric effect on your mood.  So once you’ve gotten out of bed (or perhaps while you’re still in bed), reach for a fragrance of some form – it could be a body spray, perfume, oil, whatever!  If you already have a favorite scent in mind that really lifts your mood, go for that one.  Or, if you have a selection, try something that contains notes of lemon, bergamot, rosemary and/or peppermint, to help awaken your mind and body.  Personally, I love citrusy, green and/or woodsy scents in the morning, my current favorite being this Moss & Ivy perfume oil from the For Strange Women Etsy shop – it’s earthy and fresh, and reminds me of the types of smells you’d experience on a morning hike!

light morning breakfast

3. Eat (a Light) Breakfast

It’s important to eat when you first wake up.  You may hear this a lot, but believe me, it’s worth doing, even if it means simply cramming a protein bar and a banana in your bag before you head out for the day.  Every little bit of carbs and proteins helps to prepare your body for the morning tasks, keeps you mentally sharp, and reduces stress on your body and your mind.  I like to stick with yogurt, bananas, eggs, and oatmeal, which are all easy to digest and give you energy to power through the morning.  Plus, you won’t get that lethargic feeling that you might otherwise experience after a heavy meal. Oatmeal, fruit, protein shakes (with whey protein for faster absorption), and protein bars are my personal go-to morning snacks!

4. Stay Hydrated

There is such an emphasis on ‘breaking the fast’ when you wake up, while the need to replenish your body with water is often ignored.  After going 6+ hours without drinking water, you body can start to become dehydrated.  After recently learning that mild dehydration can cause things like lack of energy, moodiness, and lack of focus, I’ve added ‘drink water’ to my morning routine (it’s surprising how many times I’ve neglected to do something as simple as this before walking out the door!).  What I like to do is keep a bottle of water next to my bed, and I’ll also bring a water bottle with me as I go about my morning prep routine. I use this little bottle because it’s pretty large, and it comes with a screw top (so if I ever reach for my alarm and knock it down from my nightstand, I won’t have a mess!).

morning routine tea

5.  Take It Slow

Lastly, try waking up a little earlier in the mornings, and allow yourself time to get ready without the added stress of missing your ride or getting to school/work too late.  And even better yet, move slower – meaning do every little morning ritual in a slow, calm pace.  Be mindful of what you’re doing, let the present activity be all you think about in that moment, and enjoy even the simplest activities, from brushing your teeth (hum a song or listen to music and dance around while you do it!) to eating breakfast (eating slowly and enjoying your food).

When you finally show up for work, you’ll be amazed at how calm and happy you feel versus the days you rush around and let your mind race about what you have to get done that day. Whatever the task, you’ll get to it, but you’ll be better prepared if you approach them with an attentive, calm mind.

Sources: Bembu, Mashable; Images: Pixabay




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