10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day date ideas

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of date ideas that you can do with your Valentine.  Here are 10 simple yet fun activities that fit every budget:

1. Make a mix tape.
Every couple has their favorite songs or tones that take them back to special moments – like prom, weddings, first dates, car rides, and so on.  For a fun ‘trip back in time’, gather some tracks and upload them onto a CD, or one of these retro USB mixtapes (depending on what’s compatible with your car), and take a long drive together listening to tunes!

2. Treat them to dinner ‘in’.
Create a restaurant experience for your loved one, in your own home!  First, decorate a room or spot in your house to mimic the look of a restaurant.  Add some background music, dim the lights and light candles, and add centerpieces, table cloths, table settings, and candles to mimic the ‘restaurant’ atmosphere.  Take care of everything for them – cook the meal a little bit ahead of time and serve them at the table. Then, enjoy dinner together!

3. Pizza time!
For a fun (and extremely budget-friendly) dinner idea, bake pizza at home!  Take a trip to the grocery store for the ingredients, and then spend the evening making a pizza together.

4. Bake something sweet.
Grab some cupcake making supplies (or her/his favorite dessert recipe) and spend the evening baking some sweets!

5. Have an indoor picnic and movie night. 
Spread a blanket on the floor, grab some of their favorite snacks and treats, and turn on a movie that you know they’ve been wanting to watch!

6. Do a jigsaw puzzle. 
Spending the evening sipping wine at home and working on a personalized jigsaw puzzle like this one from Simplypersonalized.com.  It features a map of the area surrounding any address that holds significance to you, like where you both first met!  Bonus: It makes a pretty unique piece to hang on your walls!

7. Learn how to dance.
Search YouTube for a quick dance tutorials and teach yourselves something new like salsa dancing, swing, or tango!  Or take a class or schedule a special personal lesson!

8. Read a sizzling book.
Cozy up in bed and read an erotic novel together – you’re sure to get some inspiration, and at the very least, some laughs!

9. Take a hike! 
Leave the phones at home, find a local trail and take a long walk through the woods, holding hands and stealing kisses along the way!

10. Go wine tasting.
Pick out a few bottles of wine to try, along with some cheeses, meats, and fruits to pair with each one, or go to a wine tasting!

Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day?


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