My Travel & Vacation Wishlist

Hi guys!  So today I wanted to do something a bit different and share the places that I’m most interested in visiting, hopefully sometime in the next couple of years (see this page to know more about the places).  So without further ado, here are the top 6 spots on my travel wishlist.  The first three are rather close to home for me (located in the US), and the last three are all outside the US.


New Orleans, St. Louis

Voodoo, haunted graveyards, historic hotels, rum, rum,…and more rum – there are so many reasons why I want to visit New Orleans!  For me it’s less about the partying side, and more about exploring New Orleans’s rich culture – from the French Quarters, to Bourbon Street, to Downtown.  My dream would be to stay at a historic (but not haunted!) hotel in the French Quarters (with one of those pretty garden/balcony courtyards), visiting landmarks by day, and jazz clubs and rum bars by night.


Portland, Oregon

Twilight may have had something to do with my love for dreary days, lush forests, and my overall yearning to take a trip to Oregon.  Bases the amazing hikes I’m already planning, I can’t wait to also take a trip to Portland and explore all the unique and quirky places it has to offer.


Los Angeles, California

I’m been to LA a few times now, but that’s before Hogwarts ‘popped up’ in Hollywood.  My next visit will be for one purpose and one purpose only – to become a wizard…or maybe just pretend for a day (oh, and maybe visit my brother while I’m out there – wouldn’t hurt…). 🙂



Iceland is like a hikers paradise.  There are so many breathtaking landscapes that all differ in shapes, sizes, and colors.  Not to mention the unspoiled beauty of the mountains, volcanoes, and caves (particularly the Kirkjufell Mountain, Maelifell Volcano, and Skaftafell Ice Cave).  I imagine needing several weeks here to cover everything I want to see!



I’ve been wanted to visit Ireland for a while now, for several reasons: 1) to hike and explore the beautiful landscapes, hoping (and planning) to stumble upon a few castles and ancient sites along the way, and 2) to explore the city of Dublin, which just so happens to be the home of Guinness beer (one of my favorites!).


Petra, Jordan

And finally – Petra.  Why?  Because I saw it in Indian Jones and have been wanting to go ever since.  The fact that it’s in a desert doesn’t quite appeal to me, however, I do have the feeling that when the sun goes down, the sky and starts will be breathtaking.  I also think that it could turn out to be quite a spiritual trip as well.  It’s sort of a stretch for me (distance-wise, and for my wallet), but I’ve heard it’s entirely worth it!

What’s on your travel bucket list?  Planning a trip anytime soon?


Photos via pixabay


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