My First thredUP Goody Box | Try On & Review

ThredUP Goodie Box Review & Try On

ThredUP, one of my favorite places to shop secondhand shopping online, launched a ‘beta’ version of their ‘Goody Boxes’ last month – a unique idea of theirs that combines secondhand clothes shopping with a personalized styling and delivery service (only without the commitment of a subscription).  Basically, instead of browsing through thousands of items yourself on their website, one of their stylists will pick out items for you, based on your style preferences and budget.

The thredUP Goody Boxes work like most other clothing subscription box services in that you pay a $20 deposit and they send you a bunch of items for you to try out at home.  Shipping and returns are free.  If you end up finding something you like, the deposit turns into a credit and gets applied to your purchase.

thredup goody box review & unboxing - fall essentials

‘You’re in for a surprise – oh, goody!  This fall, we’re launching limited-edition thredUP boxes filled with unique finds that are curated by us and customized for you. If you’re lucky enough to grab one, we’ll send you a selection of styles to try on at home. Sound good to you, too? Take a sneak peek and let us know what you think.’ – thredUP

ThredUP Goodie Box Review & Try On

Being a fairly frequent shopper over at ThredUP, I couldn’t help but be tempted to try out a box, and within the short window that they had a link on their website to the Goody Boxes page back in October, I filled out a little form expressing my interest.  If I remember correctly, there were different categories of boxes to choose from, including work essentials, fall essentials, summer essentials, night out essentials, and a custom box – and each came filled with roughly 9-16 items.  I remember giving the Fall Essential box a good ol’ thumbs up letting them know I was interested, and to my surprise, I was selected to try one out.  I provided them with a few notes on my style preferences, and soon enough, I received a box full of 15 secondhand pieces.  Here’s a quick try on of everything they picked out for me, along with what I kept and sent back…

ThredUP Goodie Box Fall Essentials Review

BB Dakota Faux Leather Jacket | $50.99 – While I loved the concept of this first piece – a jacket/sweater combo – I just wasn’t a huge fan of the loose collar and long, flared fit around the waist.  RETURNED

Jack Faux Leather Jacket | $32.99 – This second jacket was super comfortable and warm, and I also loved the look and feel of the faux leather.  The asymmetrical collar, however, was just a tad awkward-looking.  RETURNED

ThredUP Goodie Box Review & Try On 2

Ann Taylor Loft Long Sleeve Button Up | $11.99 – I had specifically requested geometric/abstract prints.  Somewhat of an odd request, I know, but my thredUP stylist surprisingly managed to find one.  Unfortunately, I just wasn’t a fan of the teal and cream color combo.  RETURNED

J. Crew Factory Long Sleeve Shirt | $8.99 – Now this button-up, I did like.  It has a vintage feel going on with the tiny polka-dots, and I imagine it would look super cute with a white skirt in the spring!  Plus, it also works well with black skinnies for the fall and winter. KEPT

ThredUP Goodie Box Review & Try On 1

Abercrombie & Fitch Off-the-Shoulder Top | $13.99 – This top was very pretty – I loved the cream color, floral embroidery, and strapless neckline (that actually stayed put!).  Unfortunately though, it was way too small on me (A&F’s sizing definitely leans more on the juniors side). RETURNED

Vince Camuto Blouse | $27.99 –  This top was just not my style.  I wasn’t crazy about the loose fit and floral print, which both felt a bit dated.  RETURNED

ThredUP Goodie Box Review & Try On

Rubbish Pullover Sweater | $15.99 – I love comfy-cozy textured knit sweaters, but this one fit too boxy on me. RETURNED

J. Crew Wool Pullover Sweater | $23.99 – This second sweater I really liked (especially the color), but sadly it was too tight on me.  It seems the last person who owned it shrunk it quite a bit in the wash!  RETURNED

ThredUP Goodie Box Fall Essentials Review

Who What Wear Short Sleeve Shirt | $8.99 –  This was an interesting half tee/half sweater piece.  It was cute, but see-through and definitely not the most practical for me at least (I never know how to wear these types of shirts – are you supposed to let your bra show through!?).  RETURNED

Kenneth Cole New York Pullover | $19.99 – This piece simply did not fit my style, plus the fit was too long and too loose.  RETURNED

ThredUP Goodie Box Fall Essentials Review

Erin London Sweater | $11.99 – Now here’s a top I like!  It’s the perfect color (I love dark forest green), fits nice and slim, and looks great paired with black skinnies.  KEPT

Rd Style Pullover Sweater | $24.99 – I love black & white combo tops, but this particular pattern wasn’t appealing to me.  It also fit a bit tight and short on me.  RETURNED

ThredUP Goodie Box Review & Try On

Bianco Jeggings | $27.99 – I’ve been on the hunt for some leather-like leggings and was so tempted to keep these.  The one big downside however was that they felt and looked a bit cheap material-wise.  RETURNED

J. Crew Jeans | $9.99 –  I love the look of slim cargo pants paired with a black tee, however this pair did not fit the formula.  They were too loose and not particularly flattering on me.  RETURNED

Rachel Roy Leggings | $16.99 – These stretch black leggings were super comfy and fit amazingly well.  I would have kept them if I didn’t already own a very similar pair from ExpressRETURNED


Overall, I really enjoyed the whole experience of trying out a surprise box of clothing – items that I would have never picked out for myself while browsing their site.  The stylist that chose all these pieces clearly took into consideration my requests – from the edgy jackets and skinny ankle pants, to floral and geometric printed tops – all of which were in my notes.  They also included tops in my favorite colors (black, burgundy, and dark green) and hit at the price point I’d requested as well.

However, I do think they missed the mark when it came to my overall style.  In my notes, I had mentioned specific brands like Zara and Joe’s Jeans, and also sent them my pinterest style board, which is filled with minimal-chic, slightly edgy outfits.  But a majority of the pieces they sent me were on the classic, slightly preppy, J. Crew-style side.  Also, sizing was off on some pieces, though that’s not at all thredUP’s fault (they probably just shrank a bit when they were washed by their previous owners).

Even still, I managed to find two pieces that I absolutely loved enough to add to my closet.  The total price of both came out to $20.98 (not a bad deal considering they were both in like-new condition!).  And after the $20 credit was applied, I only ended up paying an extra 98 cents.  I’m not sure they made any money off me considering the cost of shipping both ways, but hopefully I can make it up to them with the next box…

Speaking of which, just last week on December 12th, thredUP re-opened the window to try out their Goody Boxes!  Check it out if you’re interested (and if you’re not already a member, join here!).  Also, stay tuned for another unboxing from me in the coming weeks – I just order a ‘Night Out’ Goody Box! 😉

Learn more about thredUP’s Goody Boxes here!

Not already a member? Join here!

Have you ever shopped at thredUP?  Have you/would you try out a thredUP Goody Box, where someone else makes all the picks for you?


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