RMS Beauty Contour Bronze Review (+ Comparison to the Buriti Bronzer)

rms beauty contour bronzeWhen it comes to natural, clean beauty, RMS Beauty is my new go-to.  Thanks to The Detox Market’s ‘Try Me On’ green beauty samples, I’ve been having some fun experimenting with RMS Beauty’s full range of products, from new colors to old favorites with cult-followings (like their Living Luminizer).  Today, I’m going to be reviewing RMS Beauty’s newest dual bronzer/contouring cream – the Contour Bronze – along side of the Buriti Bronzer.

RMS Beauty Contour Bronze and Buriti Bronzer (1 of 1)

Contour Bronze sample (left), Buriti Bronzer sample (right)

RMS Beauty Contour Bronze vs Buriti Bronzer

Until recently, RMS Beauty offered just the one option from bronzing – the Buriti Bronzer.  Personally, I fell in love with the Buriti Bronzer and it’s natural, warming effect on the cheeks.  I often use it as a sort of blush and bronzer in one.  There were several people however that found the color to be a bit too warm for bronzing, and especially contouring. So, after listening to feedback, RMS Beauty released this new Contour Bronze shade.

“People love to use bronzer as a contour! We get questions about this all the time. Color-wise, bronzers don’t work well as a contour so I combined the two. Our Contour Bronze makes for a more realistic contour shade by using brown undertones rather than the dated red-orange hues. Doubles also as a bronzer for darker skin tones. Either way you can’t lose!” – Rose-Marie Swift

RMS Beauty Contour Bronze and Buriti Bronzer comparision swatches

Compared to the Buriti Bronzer, Contour Bronze is a much deeper, and more neutral-toned shade.  It also has a more noticeable amount of shimmer – sort of a mix of silver and light gold specks – which adds just the slightest touch of warmth. The Buriti Bronzer on the other had, has slightly finer shimmer that appears rose gold toned, which I find blends into the actual pigment a bit better.

In all other respects, including formula and longevity, both bronzers have the same amazing pigmentation and creamy texture.

RMS Beauty Contour Bronze Review

The Contour Bronze‘s formula is similar to all RMS products – it’s emollient, applies super smooth, and is incredibly pigmented.  You only need to use a small amount with this one (even less than what I used in the photos below for a natural look), and thanks to the coconut oil base that’s common to all RMS Beauty products, it’s very easy to blend out using the warmth of the fingers.

Depending on how much product you use, it can add a subtle to a dramatic amount of definition to my cheekbones, temples, and forehead.  Even with the smallest amount, due to its intense pigmentation and deep tones, it has amazing sculpting abilities.  The neutral brown tones create the most natural looking ‘shadow’ under the cheekbones and added depth everywhere else.

RMS beauty contour bronze swatch, before after

Right: RMS Beauty Contour Bronze applied under the cheekbones / Left: RMS Beauty Contour Bronze blended in

Despite having an oil base and added shimmer, the RMS Beauty Contour Bronze settles to a semi-matte finish on my skin after a good blending. (The shimmer is the first thing to fade as you start to work with the formula).   Once it’s made ‘one with my skin’, the Contour Bronze lasts a good 10+ hours on me.

On top of using the Contour Bronze as a contour and bronzing shade, I also like to use this as a cream eyeshadow. I find it actually lasts just as long, if not longer than my RMS Beauty Eye Polish, with slightly less creasing too.

Overall, if looking for a cooler-toned cream bronzer that’s also packed with all-natural, clean ingredients, the Contour Bronze is a sure stand-out. It adds natural definition to the cheeks while maintaining a slightly dewy, ‘just like your own skin’ look (i.e. without a powdery finish).  Because of the extra shimmer however, I’d probably stick with this one for the spring and summer, and switch to something more matte in the fall/winter.

Available at The Detox Market, Credo Beauty, Sephora & Nordstrom

(Or, try out samples through The Detox Market’s sample kits!)

Have you tried RMS Beauty’s Contour Bronze?  What are your thoughts on their new neutral-toned contouring cream?


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