How to Be Your Best Self + A 21-Day Positivity Plan with Pamprin

how to be your best self - 21 days of positivity with pamprin

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Many of us strive to be our best selves – to be happy, healthy, and capable of making a positive impact in the world.   But some days, that’s a lot easier said than done.  In-between busy schedules and the never ending stream of digital noise, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and focus on the things that really matter.  If you ever find yourself out of sync, disconnected, or stressed, here are 4 simple steps that will help you re-connect with your BEST self…

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Practice Self Care

As hectic as life can get, we can’t forget to take care of our most basic needs like healthy meals, regular exercise, and sleep.  This may require a little extra time and effort throughout the day, but it’s worth it – you’ll have more energy and focus to get things done and perform at your peak.  So skip the shortcuts like filling up on sugary, salty, or fatty fast food, and instead, wake up 15 minutes early in the mornings and pack yourself a nutritious lunch.  While at work, try not to stay glued to your desk for hours on end, and instead, get up for a quick walk every 45 minutes or so.

Self-care also extends to our skincare and body care regimens, and even to how we dress.  These all play a huge role in how we feel about ourselves, and hence how others perceive us.  When we go about our daily skincare rituals, pamper ourselves with a mani/pedi, or dress in clothes that we find flattering, little by little our self-confidence improves, through these simple acts of honoring ourselves.  And when we feel good about ourselves, we tend to focus that energy outward: to the world around us and into the work we do.

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During ‘that time of the month’, it’s especially important to keep up with a well-rounded self-care routine, since that’s when our confidence levels tend to be at their lowest.  For a little extra self-care to combat the cramps and bloating, that’s where Pamprin comes in. Their Multi-Symptom formula has the same strength as Extra Strength Tylenol to treat pain, plus it has extra benefits that fight against bloating and irritability, so it treats all of those lovely menstrual symptoms.  I recommend stashing a bottle or two in your period kit/medicine cabinet – you can find them at Walmart.

how to be your best self - 21 days of positivity with pamprin (6 of 6)

Think Positively

Have you ever heard the saying ‘it’s all in your head?’.  Turns out, it really is – our whole experience of life is based on our perception of it, and our perception is based on the condition of our mind (which factors in our personality, experiences, and the thoughts we concentrate the most on).  That’s why positive thinking is so important, especially when it comes to our self-esteem, self-worth, motivation, and ultimately, our happiness.

One fun way to ‘re-train’ our brains to start thinking more positively is through Pamprin’s 21-day Positivity ChallengeWhy 21 days?  Because that’s when our brain begins to turn a regular activity or thought into a habit.

The 21 day challenge breaks down into a 7-day plan that we repeat 3 times.  Each day is focused around promoting positivity, with activities ranging from self-affirmations, writing in a gratitude journal, surrounding ourselves with positive company, and more.  Here are all 7 exercises (the 8th is simply to repeat!), which you can do day-by-day, or better yet, try and practice all 7 everyday!

how to be your best self - 21 days of positivity with pamprin (6 of 6)

Reward Yourself

No matter the activities that fill your agenda – whether it be school, work, and/or taking care of your kids – it’s important to reward yourself from time to time.  Now, this doesn’t mean you have to plan a full-blown vacation – simple, everyday pleasures can be just as motivating and rewarding.

The trick is to find things that you really enjoy.  If you love reading, settle down to a book and your favorite drink as soon as you get home from work.  If you love sweets, stop by a bakery and pick up a little something special after that big presentation or exam.  If you love gaming, squeeze in quick sessions after long stretches of studying/working to give your brain a break.  No matter what you choose to indulge in, allow yourself to fully enjoy it knowing that you’ve earned it!

how to be your best self - 21 days of positivity with pamprin (6 of 6)

Live in the Moment

There are so many beautiful things going on in the world around us, at every moment – the trick is to notice them.  Sometimes that means putting down our devices, letting go of our worries and anxieties, and just being in the now.

Even if you’re not a meditation guru, there are simple things you can do to bring yourself more into the moment, like taking the time to observe nature as you walk to class or work, actively listening in conversations with family, friends or co-workers, or simply breathing deeply while letting your thoughts come and go, keeping your awareness on what’s going on around you.  While in this state, take in the positive, the beauty, and everything else that fills you with joy, and try to carry those feelings with you throughout the rest of your day.

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When you’re feeling off-balance or stressed, what activities or practices help you re-center?


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