I Tried Sun-In, the Popular Hair Lightener from the 80’s

Come fall and winter, most of us take our look on a dark side, switching up our nail colors to grey, mauve, navy, browns, wine, and black. We swap out white shorts and skinny jeans for darker denim and black jeans. And finally, we tend to cover up those summer highlights and transition our hair to darker hues for a more sophisticated look to pair with our leather jackets, trench coats, and peacoats.


How To Refresh Your Look in Under 90 Minutes

Sometimes it can be fun to change up our look – whether it be with a new hair cut or style, a new outfit, or a entirely different makeup routine. But when we’re pressed for time, a trip to the mall or salon can be difficult to fit in our schedules. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to update our look in almost no time at home. Whether your looking to get ready for a night out, or just want an quick change, here’s how to do it in under 90 minutes!


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